Internet Local Search Requires the Patented Active Search Results Page Ranking Technology

Internet Local Search Requires the Use of Active Search Results' Patented Page Ranking Technology.

Internet Local Search Requires the Patented Active Search Results Page Ranking Technology
Middletown, DE, March 14, 2019 --( Active Search Results (ASR) is announcing that Internet Local Search requires the use of its Patented Page Ranking Technology.

When one or more activities of a person influence the ranking of the website in which that person has an affiliation, ASR claims that their Page Ranking Technology is being implemented.

Local search is becoming ubiquitous throughout the Internet and is observed when a search engine returns search results for goods or services that are located in the same geographical location of the person performing the search.

For a business website to be listed within a search engine’s local search, a person must create an account with the search engine. This process of creating an account to have a website listed in the local search system is becoming very popular with the top search engines.

Before 2006, Mark McLellan, the owner and sole inventor of ASR Page Ranking Technology, predicted the activity of a business promoter would have an influence on the ranking of the website with which the business promoter has an affiliation. Business promoters can include: owners, employees, SEO contractors or anyone who has an interest in the website being listed. These business promoter activities communicate or indicate to the search engines that the business is alive and thriving and their website is not abandoned or stale.

As a result of this foresight, McLellan designed an algorithm and applied for a patent that defined how business promoters’ activities will influence the search results within search engines and social media sites. The patent was filed and has been awarded in the United States, Canada and Australia. While designing the algorithm, McLellan identified 28 additional activities. When any of these activities, performed by the business promoter, influence the promoter’s website rankings, the algorithm has been implemented. Creating an account with a search engine was the activity defined in the algorithm which is currently being implemented with respect to local search.

Other generic phrases used for activities include: claim your business, claim your website, verify and claim a website URL and verify your site ownership. While there are others, the main point to keep in mind is that they all require the activity of an account to be created.

In order to list or rank a website in the local search results, an account must be created with the top search engines. As a result, ASR claims that the Active Search Results Page Ranking Technology algorithm has been implemented within these top local search companies.

There are estimates that Internet search engines now receive at least 2 trillion searches per year. Also, research has indicated that 46% of those searches are local searches seeking local information. To put all of this into perspective, if 46% of Internet searches are local searches, then ASR claims that over 920 Billion searches per year or over 2.5 Billion searches per day on the Internet are utilizing the Active Search Results Page Ranking Technology.

McLellan continues to communicate that local search is not the only area where ASR Page Ranking Technology is being implemented throughout the Internet. The following list of additional activities is also identified in the patent:

- making a relationship with a person through an online social network
- sending a message through an online social networking platform
- uploading content to a website
- publishing hyperlinks on a webpage
- uploading personal data to a website
- submitting a search query to a website
- logging into a website
- opening an email
- clicking on an email hyperlink
- creating an account with a website
- clicking on a website hyperlink

In summary, if the activities of a business promoter influence the ranking or listing of the website in which the business promoter has an affiliation, then ASR claims that its patented algorithm is being implemented.

ASR’s full US patent can be found at the US Patent Office or at Google Patents.

Please note that ASR's patent has been awarded in the USA, Canada and Australia.
US Patent Awarded - US 8,849,807 B2
Australian Patent Granted – 2011258449
Canadian Patent Issued - CA 2836700

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