FloNamix, Inc Announces Multiple Key Acquisitions

Three companies have entered into definitive agreements to sell minority equity interest to Flonamix, Inc.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, April 26, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Flonamix, Inc., (Flonamix) the parent company of Matrix Athletic Club, announced Thursday, April 25, 2019 that it has entered into definitive agreements with iMackulate Vision Gaming (iMackulate or “IMV”), Blind Copy Creative, LLC (“BCC”) and HP American Energy, Corporation (“HP American”) to acquire a minority equity interest in each.

Finalizing these key acquisitions will increase valuations of the company as well as cement vital relationships. Each acquisition consists of unique terms and represents the overall vision of combining companies that share the same goals, values and potential.

iMackulate is a development stage company planning proprietary gaming software programs through development and partnership plans, licensing and other commercial expansion, with its initial flagship product to be Gridiron Champions.

Blind Copy Creative, based in Nashville, TN and London, UK, specializes in building momentum for brands, artists and athletes through content creation, narrative extraction and digital optimization.

HP American is a California-based enterprise focused on the development and delivery of renewable energy services. The company aims to achieve a preeminent position in the energy channel based on the concept of cultivating loyal, brand-specific consumer segments within the targeted market. Flonamix plans to integrate them with the Matrix Athletic Club and other real estate acquisitions to further enhance their commitment to use green and sustainable energy.

Commenting on the acquisition, CEO Adham Rashawn said, “These acquisitions were carefully vetted and chosen because of their robust potential, as well as the opportunities presented to overlap resources, networks, and Flonamix partners to create enhanced revenue streams.”

The core purpose of the Matrix Athletic Club is to create lifestyle clubs that integrate innovative and cognitive physical training aspects to improve the quality of human life and performance.

About Flonamix, Inc.
Matrix Athletic club is the central entity under its parent company Flonmix Inc. Matric Athletic Club will be a fitness complex and multi-use area development that will use the mind to treat the body and use the body to treat the mind. The Matrix Athletic Club will use exercise prescription and cognitive training to drive physiological responses, which will decrease stress and allow high-level executives and athletes to perform at their peak whether that is in the stock market or on the field. By incorporating the use of biometrics to direct individual programs and track global community trends to constantly test and adjust their systems to produce measurable outcomes that clients can see and feel.

Nothing herein is intended to be an offer or solicitation of an offer for the sale or purchase of any security. References to names of persons and other companies or products should not be misconstrued as to the type of relationship with the Company, if any.

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