Clearon Launches Disruptive Technology for Commercial Pools

Clearon Launches Disruptive Technology for Commercial Pools
Schaumburg, IL, July 22, 2019 --( Clearon Corp. (“Clearon”), a leading specialty chemical manufacturer headquartered in South Charleston, West Virginia, announced today the launch of AquaFinesse Pool Tabs, an environmentally friendly biofilm removal technology. AquaFinesse Pool Tabs boasts not only cleaner, softer water quality, but also improved energy efficiency, reduction in pool service labor and a net reduction of calcium hypochlorite demand of up to 50%. The product is compatible with any type of commercial pool delivery system (liquid, granular and tablets).

“Commercial pool owners and service providers have longed for a solution to improve water quality for their patrons,” said J. Bryan Kitchen, Clearon’s President & CEO. “We are delighted to report that AquaFinesse Pool Tabs not only provide improved water quality, but does so in a truly sustainable manner yielding a massive reduction in calcium hypochlorite demand. AquaFinesse Pool Tabs for commercial pools is the latest breakthrough in our broad portfolio of AquaFinesse related technologies for the recreational water treatment market.”

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Clearon Corp. is a specialty chemical manufacturer based in Charleston, West Virginia. The company is committed to the development and manufacturing of innovative chemistries and novel delivery solutions to the delight of their customers. Clearon consistently provides excellent customer service and product stewardship support in a highly regulated environment. They are committed to maintaining a safe and reliable operations for their employees, and the communities in which they operate.
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