Andrea Johnson Books Publishing Releases "Drops in Black Sand," by Sefa Noir; Passionate Illustrations of Black Love, with the Soulful Language of Poetry

"Drops in Black Sand" is a collection of poetic love sonnets illustrated with images of black love. It depicts an emotional yet beautifully crafted world where African Americans are displayed in an atmosphere of sensuous unity with each other. Each artistic photograph is carefully designed to express the emotion of the poems, created to match with the demonstration of passion. "Drops in Black Sand" has taken the beauty of black love, and has given it an illustrated new voice in poetry.

Andrea Johnson Books Publishing Releases "Drops in Black Sand," by Sefa Noir; Passionate Illustrations of Black Love, with the Soulful Language of Poetry
Hackensack, NJ, August 10, 2019 --( The author of "Drops in Black Sand," Sefa Noir, gave her rendition on what inspired her to create a book for expressions of photographic poetry. “After a trip to a local bookstore in 2010, left me feeling unrepresented when trying to find a gift book about 'Black Romantic Love,' I began the journey to create one. As a longtime lover of poetry, sonnets, and great photography, I chose to use these elements to create my first collection of poetry. Using written and photographic imagery to explore the depths of passion, dedication, dominance, submission, commitment and unrequited Black love.”

"Drops in Black Sand" represents the significance of love, in particularly black love in all its forms and phases. It correlates the description of relationships and often the many sequences of emotions and empathy that couples go through, during their interaction with each other.

The illustrated book of poetry, "Drops in Black Sand," is written in the depiction of firsthand love letters. Each poem, crafted to surmise the imagery that matches and enhances the words, can be seen from either male or female perspective.

The author explains why she believes her book on the poetic expressions of black love, will appeal to readers. “I believe my book, 'Drops in Black Sand,' will appeal to women and men who enjoy poetry, but are also looking to give a special kind of romance to a loved one.” The beautiful photographs of passion that are artistically intertwined with the powerful words of poetry, gives a new light to a world of sensual elevation.

The author of "Drops in Black Sand" also broke down her views regarding why her book of illustrated poetry is relevant in today’s society. “Very seldom in today’s media will you see a strong representation of black couples and love – there is a greater focus on interracial relations. This is a book for Black people by a black author, who understands the true meaning of black love.”

"Drops in Black Sand" author, Sefa Noir, was passionate on her views with what she wants readers to take away from her writings. “It is important that we as African Americans should not always been seen as thugs, criminals, and un-flattering characters – but we are also people who love deeply and sincerely.”

The author of "Drops in Black Sand" has taken her experiences and passion, and communicated them into expressions of love. She shared where she first began to grow her vision, and how it became her reality. “'Drops in Black Sand' was realized through witnessing the beauty of my parents over 50+ year of marriage.”

Sefa Noir, the author of "Drops in Black Sand," was originally raised in the suburbs of Northern NJ, she did all the right things and followed every societal rule. Moving through life doing the expected; college, career, family. She is a single mother, HR professional and dedicated daughter. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, as well as an MBA with a focus on organizational development, and currently serves as Vice President of Human Resources for a $500 million dollar a year physician group. However underneath her responsibilities, beats the heart of a passionate poet and a student of Black Culture and eroticism.

Keep a look out for this new and passionate author, Sefa Noir, that is revitalizing poetic expressions of love. Her next book, "Black Reverence" will be one to anticipate.
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