THE AUGURY SQUARE - Shape of Future Coming to Atlanta

THE AUGURY SQUARE - Shape of Future Coming to Atlanta
Atlanta, GA, August 13, 2019 --( THE AUGURY SQUARE, a small city within a city, to be built on about 30 acres of land in Atlanta, holds the promise of a better life, social and economic order enabled by blockchain and other digital technologies. It envisions to be a futuristic and yet pragmatically functioning society of tomorrow. It will be a unique sandbox for an integrated community to live, work, develop, test, scale, commercialize, play, dine and collaborate to advance frontiers of real world technologies for larger societal good. The primary focus would be to foster, advance and accelerate blockchain technologies and its prototype applications, products, platforms, pilots, projects, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and other real world use cases in various industries (e.g., Fintech, Health, Real Estate, Education, Creative Media, Retail, Services, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and so on) as well as life.

Mr. Jae Kim, co-founder of The Augury Square, Inc. (TAS), and currently President of Korean American (KOAM) Chamber of Commerce resonated familiar thoughts like those of our founding fathers:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.” – The Declaration of Independence, 1776

While further elaborating the drivers behind TAS, he said:
"Today, people as well as the 20th century traditional and established industries are rapidly adopting digital technologies to transform their business operations. The convergence of these shifts in life and in innovation landscape is homogenizing the old physical world into a new digital one. Hardware products are increasingly embedded with smartness. This wave is sweeping across all industry sectors. Almost industry-agnostic: be it; finance, information technology, health, media, entertainment, medicine, pharma, agriculture, food, energy, education, supply chains, logistics, retail, manufacturing, tourism, and others. Our daily lives are digitally connected, socially networked and integrated through smart devices. There is a tectonic shift in our buying, consuming and living behavior. This changing landscape offers us a host of new business and life opportunities. However, there is a lot of developmental and testing work to be done before we get to that stage. These developmental challenges touch many aspects of technology and life integration, and practical applications of 'digital data supply chain' in any system or function. We will identify right kind of talent, competencies, tools and processes, and bring them onboard to provide an experiential living environment for specialists and public alike."

Mr. Jae Kim has joined hands with Mr. Suresh K. Sharma, co-founder of Open Range Capital Partners, an Atlanta-based team, who are world leaders in next generation Innovation Hubs to make this happen. (Refer: “Industrializing Innovation – The Next Revolution,” book published by Springer in Apr 2019). Mr. Sharma, a former GE executive-turned-entrepreneur, is a seasoned global business leader. The search for suitable site locations is on. Initial efforts show promise of several good locations. Project costs are estimated $100-150 million and is slated to complete in coming months of 2019 and 2020.

THE AUGURY SQUARE project clearly has the potential to put Atlanta on the world map as a preferred technology destination and innovation capital of the future.
The Augury Square, Inc.
Jae Jim