ZTV Offers Exclusive TV Interview to SheBoss Unlimited, Jackie Robinson

Evans and Robinson exclusive TV interview will be featured on the ReeWind Network.

Dallas, TX, August 28, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Jackie Robinson, of SheBoss Unlimited, was chosen by ZTV for an on-location exclusive interview to inspire women all around the globe to move beyond talking about goals to bringing your true calling and vision to life. Zondra Evans, the host of Real Biz Talk With Zondra, interviewed Robinson on location during the Goal Friend "Create a Life You Love" Women's Empowerment Brunch in Dallas, Texas. Her goal is to inspire and empower women to stand up, step forward, and go for what they deserve in the professional and personal lives and allow the "boss" in her to be unleashed.

“I’m excited to feature Jackie Robinson, and provide a global presence for the SheBoss Women's Empowerment mini tour,” says Evans. “This is exactly what my platform is designed to do.” Evans is the producer of ZTV, and the CEO of Zeds Corp, a global marketing platform for solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs.

Robinson, known as "The Success-Ability Coach," is the founder of SheBoss Unlimited and the Goal Friend Women's Empowerment Tour. SheBoss is a leadership development organization that is a catalyst of empowerment for high-achieving, high potential women who aspire to be entrepreneurs as well as for women who work in traditional 9-5 careers who desire to excel. Dallas was the 1st city on the Goal Friends Empowerment mini-tour. Other dates are scheduled for Iowa in the October and Waco in December. Robinson's goal is to expand her reach and spread the message that "Every women is a boss in her own right and deserves what she deserves" by offering her empowerment brunches and luncheons in other cities and states. Robinson also offers leadership development workshops, one-on-one coaching and online professional development programs for women. Evans chose Robinson for the interview to highlight phenomenal women who are encouraging and lifting up others.

The exclusive interview with Evans and Robinson will air September 2019, on the Reewind Channel. Viewers can download the Reewind app to stream all new programming this fall. The Reewind Channel is a dynamic platform that mixes old school favorites with new school flavor to bring hope and positivity back to cable TV. For more information on SheBoss Unlimited or to reach Jackie Robinson, visit www.shebossunlimited.com.

ZTV has partnered with the Reewind Channel to strengthen the landscape for small businesses and position entrepreneurs to create a global presence. Doing so will give these businesses the freedom to create, to play in a bigger space, and take full advantage of the benefits of streaming online content.

About Zondra Evans: Zondra Evans is the best selling author of The Power of Investing in You, and she is the co-author of The Moments in Life – “A Caregivers Story.” Evans is a regular on television and radio programs such as Biz Talk TV, The Big Biz Show, and The Jackie Hayes Show. Evans is the Chapter President for “I’m Possible” Women’s Empowerment Collaboration, Inc. Evans’ work includes national organizations such as: The National Association of Women Business Owners, E-Women’s Network, Tracey California Women’s Forum, Association for Women in Science, California Government Networking Groups, Empowering Women, and El Dorado County Self Sufficiency Program. Evans also owns a thriving Coaching Practice, has two children and five grandchildren. She resides in McKinney Texas and is a lifetime fan of the Dallas Cowboys.
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