Auto Industry Conference Highlights New Magnesium Technology from China

At an international conference in Atlanta, new Chinese technology for advanced, fuel-efficient automobiles is being highlighted. Many major auto manufacturers are attending; there is a special presentation, sponsored by Galaxy Trade and Technology, through the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, featuring engineer Yuan Yansheng. This is an example of a new, reciprocal approach to Chinese science and industry.

Auto Industry Conference Highlights New Magnesium Technology from China
Atlanta, GA, October 28, 2019 --( This week, leaders of the automotive industry in the Southeast United States converge on the Loudermilk Conference Center in downtown Atlanta to consider vital questions: how to design and build the next generation of cars to be lighter and more fuel-efficient, without sacrificing strength and performance?

The action for “Advanced Lightweight Materials For Automotive Manufacturing & Joining Innovation” will be online at, beginning on Monday, October 28, through Wednesday, October 30.

The giants of the auto industry, who have established major manufacturing hubs in the Southeast over the past three decades, will be there -- BMW, Audi, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes, Hyundai, Toyota, with major research groups from Clemson University and Oak Ridge -- led by headline sponsor Henkel Company and co-sponsor U.S. Steel. It’s an international brain trust of auto engineers.

A newcomer will be there too, a co-sponsor of the conference, Galaxy Trade and Technology, bringing fresh ideas from the best engineers in China.

Galaxy is the first international magnesium trade joint venture between China and the United States. Based in Yulin; central Shaanxi Province; Beijing; and in America, New York and Honolulu; the upstart mining and manufacturing company will attend this ongoing technical conference for the first time. See Asia-Pacific Group is the US parent company of Galaxy Trade and Technology.

Yuan Yansheng, one of China’s top magnesium engineers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metal Research, will address key questions: how can magnesium be part of the solution to efficient automobile design, complementing existing solutions like steel, aluminum and carbon composites, and what are the challenges to efficiently-scaled magnesium in the 21st century automobile?

Management from Galaxy journeying in Atlanta comes from both China and America: Michael North and Daniel Roubeni from Honolulu and New York; Dong Yuming from Xi’an and Ma Mengjia from Shanghai. Star engineer Professor Yang attends by video conference from Shenyang, China at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, September 29.

Michael North commented, “Galaxy is solving a grid of interrelated challenges: a reliable magnesium mining and manufacturing supply chain; global transportation logistics; long-term price stability; and a regulated global trading desk -- all proving the potential unveiled by innovative science and engineering that we’re bringing to Atlanta.”

The organizer of this in-depth program is the London Business Conference Group ( Michael Cherrington, President, commented, “We’ve often centered our automotive conferences around Detroit -- but recently, our friends from the Southeast asked -- ‘Could we bring the conference to Atlanta? Easier for our schedule and key people.’ So we responded, and we’re delighted to introduce an interesting new player in the automotive field -- Galaxy Trade and Technology. Adding the formidable resources of China to the conference will doubtless enrich all participants, across all our international dimensions.”

Galaxy is a responsible corporate citizen, too. The company uses renewable energy wherever possible, serving families and communities in China responsibly, providing a living example of a renewed commercial relationship between China and the world. Galaxy is a prototype of a rebooted trade and development strategy for China that is referred to as, “Reciprocal Trade and Investment,” developed by the US-China alliance and discussed on the company’s website here:

Contact: Galaxy Trade and Technology, in United States:
Michael North,; 323-422-9602
In China:
Xiaofang Zhou,, 86-1366-125-8223

Conference Organizer:
Martin Davies, Nicholas Bingham
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Asia-Pacific Group
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