Marc Brailov Public Relations Addressing How to do Media Relations in Digital Age

Marc Brailov Public Relations Addressing How to do Media Relations in Digital Age
Chicago, IL, November 05, 2019 --( Informed by 20 years of experience, Marc Brailov Public Relations is offering specialized media relations training -- focusing on the evolution of the press in the digital/social media age, and how traditional journalists and non-traditional journalists alike now operate.

Many organizations, to their detriment, too often fail to grasp even the basics of how the media works today.

Understanding How to Pitch to Reporters – They Don’t Like Unsolicited Phone Calls

Understanding how reporters/editors tend to think is essential to PR success. PR professionals should always be sensitive to what journalists perceive to be proper PR etiquette – for example they overwhelmingly prefer email pitches over phone calls -- and to recognize that journalists’ primary concern is not your organization, but their readers, viewers, listeners.

Concept of Newsworthiness

Most fundamentally, one must understand and respect the concept of newsworthiness. To illustrate, developments that an organization may trumpet loudly as newsworthy may be dismissed as nothing more than annoying noise by reporters. This is particularly true in today’s world of the 24-hour news cycle, where in mere seconds anyone can be a journalist anywhere, through a spectrum of media. These days, when seeking stories, reporters have to work overtime to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

Journalists Are Not Marketing Surrogates

Journalists generally dislike being treated as “marketing surrogates” by businesses and other organizations. While most organizations must and should use PR to advance marketing goals, it should be done in a way that identifies, translates and highlights the elements of a marketing message that will likely be viewed as most newsworthy by reporters.

That not only demonstrates sensitivity to the reporter’s agenda, rather than just your own, but, more significantly, may also increase the chances of an outcome that’s most desired – a positive news story. At most, good PR can somewhat influence reporters’ hearts and minds, but it can never control them nor seen to be trying through heavy-handed tactics

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