Introducing ELEV8 Performance Powertrain Treatment

ELEV8 Performance Powertrain Treatment uses revolutionary nanotechnology to dramatically reduce engine friction and heat in order to significantly increase horsepower and fuel economy while significantly reducing engine wear and emissions.

Introducing ELEV8 Performance Powertrain Treatment
Round Rock, TX, November 07, 2019 --( Revolutionary new product and racecar driver Collete Davis to be featured at SPEEDVEGAS event.

ELEV8 Performance Products LLC announced that its revolutionary friction-fighting powertrain treatment is being launched worldwide November 6-7, 2019 at SPEEDVEGAS racetrack in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company also announced that it is a new primary sponsor of professional racecar driver Collete Davis.

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ELEV8 Performance Powertrain Treatment was developed to address the fact that most of a vehicle’s power is robbed by friction, heat and other inefficiencies rather than being available to help the vehicle down the road. The product will be showcased November 6 and 7 at a special exhibit in the main customer building at the SPEEDVEGAS racetrack, located at 4200 S. Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas. Visitors to the exhibit will be able to meet with company officials to learn about ELEV8 and to view the ELEV8 Kia Forte, a one-of-a-kind 600 horsepower race car that was essentially built by hand with deep involvement by Collete Davis. Ms. Davis will also be at the ELEV8 booth for the launch event from 10AM till noon November 6 and at various times on November 7.

Created using proprietary state-of-the-art nanotechnology, ELEV8 Performance Powertrain Treatment is carried by the oil to fill in the microscopic imperfections of – and bond to – the moving metal parts in a vehicle’s powertrain (engine, transmission, differentials and axles). By dramatically enhancing the smoothness of these parts, ELEV8 has been shown in independent testing to radically reduce friction and heat by up to 68% and 40%, respectively. This results in the powertrain system releasing increased horsepower of up to 10%. While increases in horsepower are normally associated with reductions in fuel economy, testing has shown that ELEV8 actually increases fuel economy. ELEV8 also increases torque while reducing internal wear and related vehicle maintenance.

“We are proud and excited to introduce our revolutionary, performance-enhancing, money-saving powertrain treatment to the world,” said Joseph Stancil, ELEV8 Performance Products CEO. “Motorists, car enthusiasts, businesses, government agencies and our military have had their vehicles robbed of valuable power for far too long. Now, thanks to ELEV8, all of these vehicle owners can take back their power!” According to Mr. Stancil, ELEV8 provides another crucial benefit: “Its amazing ability to enhance fuel economy also enables it to reduce fuel emissions. This is a complete game changer.”

ELEV8 Performance Powertrain Treatment can be ordered online at The company will begin making presentations to retailers and to business, government and military entities in mid-November.

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ELEV8 Performance Products is the manufacturer and marketer of ELEV8 Performance Powertrain Treatment, a proprietary and revolutionary nanotechnology-based powertrain treatment that significantly elevates numerous aspects of vehicle performance. The company is based in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit or call (512) 525-8888.

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