DOSarrest Adds AI to Their DDoS Protection for Infrastructure Service

DOSarrest Adds AI to Their DDoS Protection for Infrastructure Service
Vancouver, Canada, December 10, 2019 --( DOSarrest rolls out new advanced mitigation capabilities for their cloud based DDoS protection for infrastructure platform known as “Data Center Defender (DCD).” With the addition of AI to this platform, DOSarrest can now automatically mitigate even the most sophisticated attacks on this service. This major upgrade with real-time AI created algorithms does not even require a learning period. Packet by packet analysis enables the system to weed out even the most elusive attacks and automatically block them.

DOSarrest CTO, Jag Bains states, “While the DCD Network has been very successful in dealing with volumetric and protocol flood attacks for a number of years now we remain committed to upgrading and evolving the service. In conjunction to continually increasing the capacity of the DCD Network, we’ve also upgraded the capabilities of DCD with automated routing isolation of targeted IP’s through sophisticated analysis on our Big Data Platform. The targeted IP is automatically routed to an additional layer, that allows for more sophisticated challenges and mitigation capabilities of malicious traffic.”

Jag Bains adds, “This new capability doesn’t require any learning mode making mitigation ultra fast, it can pick-up anomalies based on combinations of source/destination ports, IP Protocols, TTL, packet lengths and payload patterns, and much more. It even detects and stops malicious traffic that has anomalous TCP flag combinations.”

DOSarrest CEO, Mark Teolis comments, “The traffic isolation and mitigation operates asymmetrically and happens within seconds, all automatically. The ability to automatically isolate targeted IPs gives us a future roadmap to add even more sophisticated security measures that will scale easily...Watch this space.”

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DOSarrest founded in 2007 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada specializes in fully managed cloud based Internet security services including DDoS protection services, Data Center Defender (DCD), Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS Attack testing, as well as cloud based global load balancing.

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