Syndicate Partners Reinvigorating Baltimore City Neighborhoods and Transforming Forgotten Communities with Economical High End Rental Projects

Kyndall Francis is leading the Washington, DC-based real estate firm Syndicate Partners who recently completed three major projects in Baltimore City. The entirely affordable rentals provide never-before-seen options for those looking for a home they can be proud to rent.

Syndicate Partners Reinvigorating Baltimore City Neighborhoods and Transforming Forgotten Communities with Economical High End Rental Projects
Elkridge, MD, December 23, 2019 --( The constant presence of abandoned properties, overgrown lots, and trash can take a toll on a community’s psychological well-being. Kyndall Francis and Syndicate Partners are actively working to correct that.

Neglected houses, long forgotten factories, and strip malls, along with various other types of vacant and abandoned properties are some of the most visible outward signs of a community reversing fortunes. But these vacant and abandoned properties in Baltimore City are more than just a symptom of larger economic forces at work in the community; their association with crime, increased risk to health and welfare, plunging property values, and escalating municipal costs make them problems in and of themselves, contributing to overall community decline and disinvestment.

Kyndall Francis, Syndicate’s Managing Partner along with other members of the team, however, increasingly view vacant properties as opportunities for productive reuse. Reimagining the blight and dilapidation seen currently as opportunity that can easily be changed by taking empty homes making them assets in neighborhood stabilization and revitalization though renovating and occupancy.

“I believe you must match strategy with market condition,” said Francis. “Strategies to reoccupy vacant homes, by both owner occupants or by renters, depend on a neighborhood’s ability to retain and attract residents. That is a primary area of focus in our renovations and overall efforts. In doing so we can independently and collectively improve neighborhoods and simultaneously help stabilize the housing markets while reducing vacancy and abandonment.”

What can you look forward to in a Syndicate Property you ask? What is it that makes a high-end remodel “high-end”? Many associate “high-end” with luxury (and cost). At Syndicate, high-end has more to do with the quality of the materials you use and with the quality of the workmanship. Better materials generally mean that whatever you build will last longer - and give you better results. That means better long-term value. Better craftsmanship (including design) means that you get what you really want - done to your specific requirements. Syndicate leverages their long standing vendor relationships to get this done economically but the end user, those living in the units themselves get considerably more value for the same dollars they might spend somewhere else for far less.

If you are looking for a plethora of amenities such as luxury master suits, creative and universal design, then a Syndicate Property may be exactly what you are looking for. “At the end of the day, we believe that’s what the client deserves and it’s what our brand stands for,” Kyndall Francis said.
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