FuseBox One Expands Service Footprint Nationally

Cole Scott, the President & CEO of FuseBox One, announces service expansion to cover the entire United States. Establishing the FuseBox One headquarters, warehousing, and distribution in the heart of the United States has allowed FuseBox One to expand their services nationwide. www.fuseboxone.com

FuseBox One Expands Service Footprint Nationally
Des Moines, IA, February 04, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Collectively, corporate marketing & sales channels have struggled to bridge the gap of Marketing Operations and Sales Enablement across all vertical markets causing a delayed time to market, inflamed department relations, and increased operational expense across the two departments (www.fuseboxone.com). Organizations inability to drive best of class software with a centralized point of service that is one integrated solution continues to be a costly barrier with salesforces spending 67% of their time focused on non-sales generating activities. The following pain points are driving organizations to a FuseBox One Marketing Operations solution.

· Not having a marketing and communications platform that can support assets that are digital, physical, versioned, or variable.

· There is a lack of brand standards and legal compliance across the various sales channels.

· Marketing departments are having a hard time helping their different channels and sales departments leverage data to personalize marketing assets at the local level.

· Low user adoption rates of software platforms are driven by not having one solution that streamlines their CRM, all marketing & sales assets, and marketing automation campaigns.

· High internal labor expense managing scheduled manufacturing of apparel, fulfillment, mail, promotional products, print, shipping, signage, and warehousing.

· Companies not having a centralized way to manage, audit, and ship assets across the United Stated at the lowest cost possible.

"Opening our portfolio of services for companies across the US is the right thing to do considering the growing complexity of marketing and sales requirements for companies," said Cole Scott, President & CEO of FuseBox One. "CMO’s are in the crosshairs to support higher sales revenue goals with a reduced budget and headcount, all of this while trying to stay current on trending needs like marketing operations & sales enablement."


"Developing a national distribution model that spans the entire United States footprint has been the essential key for opening our services to all United States organizations,” VP of Sales Dave Rittman says.

More companies will now have a streamlined service focused on supporting top line growth while driving down bottom line cost. This strategic partnership to source their Marketing Operations with one company that has national reach will be the growing trend for the following years to come. FuseBox One has made the infrastructure investment to provide that turnkey solution for all organizations of varying sizes. For many companies this is the first step toward strengthening the marketing sales relationship.

About FuseBox One
FuseBox One has emerged as the premier marketing operations and marketing resource management company. Our software, service, and distribution will help you strengthen Marketing & Sales relationship. With a strong vision for how a marketing department can grow and position itself for the future you will receive marketing operations support that will drive sales enablement. FuseBox One prides itself on the ability to provide turnkey operational solutions for brand & legal compliant companies that are looking to boost sales, streamline processes, speed up time to market, measure campaign effectiveness, and reduce costs of operation. FuseBox One is privately funded and headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. For more information visit www.fuseboxone.com

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