PrintPlast Announces PVC Free Hotel Key Cards for Sustainable Hotels

Smart & Contactless Card Production Firm PrintPlast Announces Eco Friendly Hotel Key Cards

PrintPlast Announces PVC Free Hotel Key Cards for Sustainable Hotels
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 23, 2020 --( Smart card technologies company, PrintPlast has announced the latest product range of Sustainable Key Cards for Hospitality industry.

Sustainable Hotel Key Cards has been developed with the latest RFID industry practices, and allows hotels of all sizes to take proactive action to ensure sustainability within their properties.

An average hotel uses 10.000 key cards in one year which means 60 KG of Plastic in the nature. PrintPlast aims to decrease the production of PVC Key Cards and avoid the discharge of 30 Tons PVC to the nature freely.

PrintPlast offers to hotels free guidance and provides Sustainable Hotel Key Cards in 2 options:

PPH Bioboard Cards (100% PVC Free)
The main distinctive features of PPH Bioboard Cards are that they are entirely biodegradable being “Wood Pulp” rather than plastics based. The compressed pulp fibre makes them extra durable and suitable for re-use, unlike thin disposable paper keycards. PPH cards are also coated with a non-toxic protective varnish rather than laminating a plastic overlay in order to keep the cardbody composition 100% plastics free while still protecting the print from scratches/blemishes to ensure a longer card life.

Wooden Key Cards (100% PVC Free)
Wooden Key Cards are not only the greenest option when it comes to sustainability, they also provide a unique aesthetic that is sure to impress your hotel’s guests. Wood cards are durable, reusable, and they all come with %100 Performance Guarantee. Wooden Key Cards are available with Hico and Loco Magnetic Stripes as well as the full range of RFID chip technologies compatible with all major hotel lock and access control systems. Print options include full two-side engraving as well as colour stamped ink prints.

About PrintPlast:
Founded in 1989 in Istanbul / Turkey with Swiss joint venture company printoplast a.g as a leading card manufacturer, today all shares are hold by printplast. Since 1989, we are committed the best solutions in a card, and to promote the card manufacturing industry by adopting and fostering new technologies offering ultimate privacy protection, professional consultancy and customer satisfaction.
Serhan Mert