Magnesium Showcased at the Conference on Electric Vehicles in Detroit

Galaxy and Panoz Present a Joint Report: Making Vehicles Lighter with Magnesium, to Industry Leaders in Electric Vehicles.

Magnesium Showcased at the Conference on Electric Vehicles in Detroit
Detroit, MI, February 26, 2020 --( Ground-breaking strategies for making electric vehicles more efficient using magnesium alloys will be presented today, at an insiders’ auto industry conference in Detroit. Galaxy Trade and Technology, a major global supplier of magnesium, and Panoz Engineering, a leading automotive design and engineering firm, present the study to 200 delegates at the Battery Electric Vehicles Architecture Congress (BEVA).


“We’re pleased to report the conclusions of our preliminary joint study to industry leaders: correct application of magnesium alloys can make vehicles up to 25% lighter. This study answers one of the most urgent needs of the fast-growing electric vehicle industry: increasing the distance that vehicles can go before they need to be recharged,” said Michael North, chairman of Galaxy. “The magnesium advantage can extend the typical range substantially, in one simple, fast and economical step.”


Attending the Congress are engineers and business development executives for a who’s who of the electric vehicle industry: Ford Motor Company, Porsche Cars, Dow Chemical, Mahindra Automotive, Henkel, Bollinger Motors, Wevo, Seek Together, Laser Marking Technologies, NIO, Rimac, Uniti, Drako, Chanje, Byton, DD Danner, New Flyer and Global Design Index.

Dan Panoz, president of Panoz Engineering, observed: “A generation ago, Panoz was the first to introduce a comprehensive approach to designing aluminum for all the major systems in modern vehicles. Today, we see the inherent and distinct advantages of magnesium alloys. Magnesium offers light weight, corrosion resistance, and a lower energy lifecycle -- with no compromise in performance or safety. Panoz will begin building magnesium-optimized systems for the auto industry worldwide.”


For details about how Panoz and Galaxy are working together, see this link, which includes key articles and video:

A key factor in achieving the goal of magnesium lightweighting is Galaxy’s access to large supplies of magnesium alloys from China that are consistent, high-quality, and reasonable in cost. Galaxy, based in Honolulu and New York, formed a US-China joint venture a year ago with a group of investors and magnesium mines, refining, manufacturing and scientific companies in China.

Two executives from China, Dong Yuming, CEO of Galaxy China, and Qiu Ruimin, President of Magnesium Investment Corporation of Yulin, Shaanxi Province, will speak at the Congress electronically, by two-way video. Daniel Roubeni, Vice President of International Business Development for Galaxy, plays a pivotal role in connecting clients to the technology and resources of the company.

This Congress is part of an ongoing series serving advanced technologies for the automotive industry; it’s organized by London Business Conferences, a division of American Business Conferences; see Galaxy is the Conference Partner and major sponsor of BEVA Detroit.

Asia-Pacific Group is the parent company of Galaxy Trade and Technology.
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