Psychosocial Management Advocated to Combat Diabetes Burnout at JDRF TypeOneNation Summit

Diabetes burnout is a major hindrance to successful diabetes outcomes. JDRF conference speaker provides solutions for mitigating burnout and improving compliance and wellness.

Psychosocial Management Advocated to Combat Diabetes Burnout at JDRF TypeOneNation Summit
Dallas, TX, March 03, 2020 --( Patricia Daiker, a nurse coach specializing in diabetes and CEO of Dragonfly Lights, LLC, a company that provides psychosocial support and inspiration for people living with diabetes presented new strategies for managing diabetes burnout, a major complication of the chronic disease, to attendees of JDRF North Texas TypeOneNation Summit.

Daiker said the psychosocial aspects of diabetes include emotional hardship, chronic fear, feeling misunderstood, worry about finances, and feelings of failure – all of which can lead to burnout and people giving up.

The psychosocial burden of diabetes has been well-documented in studies like DAWN2 by Novo Nordisk, yet little attention is given to this issue in traditional diabetes regimens.

Diabetes can affect every aspect of a life, not just blood sugars or your body, but also emotions and relationships. Treating the psychosocial aspects can lead to better diabetes management. Research has shown that resilience, the ability to react to and deal with the unpredictability of the disease, can lead to improved outcomes. (insert link to research) It is a skill that can be learned and built upon.

Daiker, herself a type 1 diabetic for nearly 30 years, believes it is important that large influencers like JDRF recognize that it takes much more than diet and exercise to manage this disease well. Their endorsement helps this needed support become mainstream.

“We certainly understand that people living with diabetes need psychosocial support to better manage this lifelong condition," said Tanya Conovaloff, JDRF North Texas Outreach Manager. “Patricia brings so much insight and information to our conference attendees.”

Daiker advocated that focusing on the experience of living with diabetes, and the psychosocial ramifications over the long term, is essential to improving outcomes. These concepts are the foundation of Daiker’s new online video course, “A Better Diabetes Life.”

About Dragonfly Lights, LLC
Dragonfly Lights, LLC, provides education, support, and inspiration for people dealing with chronic health issues. Its initial release, the video course A Better Diabetes Life, helps diabetics learn skills and coping strategies to help deal with the both the physical and psychosocial effects of diabetes.

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