Responsible Policies for Animals Urges Top Officials: Tell Public COVID-19's Root Cause

Responsible Policies for Animals urges five top officials to inform the public about the root cause of COVID-19: the meat delusion.

Responsible Policies for Animals Urges Top Officials: Tell Public COVID-19's Root Cause
Glenside, PA, April 17, 2020 --( The groundbreaking animal rights organization, Responsible Policies for Animals (RPA) sent letters to five top U.S. officials on the COVID-19 pandemic, urging them to inform the public about the root cause of the crisis: our species’ meat delusion.

Recipients of RPA’s letters: Mike Pence, Vice President; Jerome Adams, MD, MPH, VADM, Surgeon General; Anthony Fauci, MD, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; Deborah Birx, MD, Global AIDS Coordinator and Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy; and Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Says RPA Executive Director David Cantor, “The root cause of COVID-19 is our species’ millennia-long meat delusion, the widespread mistaken belief that it is natural and healthful for human beings to consume flesh, milk, and eggs from other animals.” Wet markets and wildlife markets are merely proximate causes, Cantor says.

Cantor, who has studied the matter for thirty years as a full-time animal advocate, writer, and speaker, explains that human beings evolved over millions of years as plant-foraging apes on the African savanna. “Eating from animals is an innovation,” he says. "It is not human nature."

It is not surprising that meat, dairy, fish, and eggs harm rather than boost human health. “Natural omnivores and carnivores safely and enthusiastically consume every part of an animal without cooking or other processing,” says Cantor. “They don’t get food poisoning, heart disease, stroke, or cancer from their natural diets. We humans, on the other hand, get those and also infectious diseases like COVID-19, AIDS, Ebola, Influenza, and many others from our unnatural diets.”

RPA for many years has urged our agriculture colleges and other institutions to stop promoting the meat delusion, animal-abuse culture, and the meat, dairy fish, and egg industries. Says Cantor, “We need a complete change in food policy – persuading people to ‘go vegan’ by choice is a failed approach to defending human health and protecting defenseless nonhuman animals.”

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