DreamCloud Psychiatry Takes Telemedicine to New Heights

The secret to succeding in telemedicine.

DreamCloud Psychiatry Takes Telemedicine to New Heights
New York, NY, April 28, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Telemedicine has changed the way patients receive medical care and its use has surged among patients across every demographic during COVID-19. There are an estimated 7 million global users of telemedicine, which is expected to become a $64.1 billion industry by 2025. But when every medical provider is doing it, how does one stay ahead?

Chris Lee, 37, CEO and founder of DreamCloud Psychiatry, believes “the most important goal in telemedicine is to achieve the highest quality care. It’s easy to become distracted by the technology but in the end it’s about delivering great patient care. When patients have a positive experience, they’re more likely to participate in their care and we can achieve higher outcomes.”

Lee and his team have developed a custom HIPAA-compliant mobile app, which combines telemedicine “cloud visits” with live chat, phone calls, text and voice messaging. They also use social media to expand communication platforms beyond video visits. “By increasing patient engagement, we’re able to create a patient experience which is not only more effective, but feels a lot more real.”

DreamCloud Psychiatry, simply known as DreamCloud, is focused on millennial mental health patients and helping them to achieve their dreams. From their offices in Miami Beach and New York City, the award-winning company treats patients online through a monthly membership format, which includes unlimited visits. Patients can book appointments online or using their mobile app.

An NYU-grad, Lee says COVID-19’s impact on New York had a strong emotional connection for him. “This generation has been through everything from 9/11 to Parkland, social media to telemedicine, political protests—and pandemics. This is the most urgent time in the history of mental health.”

DreamCloud has partnered up with local businesses in New York City including Capsule Pharmacy, to provide accessible services and medication home delivery so patients can safely obtain their medications from home. “Working together to help others is paramount at this time,” says Carlos Rodriguez, Patient Care Director at DreamCloud. “We believe patients deserve the best care.”
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