Clothing Distancing Solution for Health Care and Public Service Front-Liners

As a Nurse, Tonia Torrellas, Creator of It’sMyBag, feels Nurse's Day for 2020 should be shared: Front-Liners' Day.

Clothing Distancing Solution for Health Care and Public Service Front-Liners
New York, NY, May 04, 2020 --( Front-line service providers face the real world challenge of how to change out of their work uniforms without exposing their families or the public to the coronavirus. Nurse Tonia Torrellas has developed a clothing distancing solution. It is called “It’sMyBag.”

It’sMyBag is a patented garment bag with a built-in hamper for soiled or used clothing. It enables a front-line worker to carry a clean change of clothes in one compartment and safely store their front-line clothing in a separate compartment. This solution allows a front-line worker to change their clothing in a way that protects their families and the community.

Background: Front-liner Clothing Distancing Challenge
Front-liners have the challenge of managing their clothing against contaminating others. Too often, they wear their work clothing home. In doing so they are exposing their vehicles to contamination. Or, if they are using public transit or riding sharing, they are exposing the general public. Once home, they run the risk of exposing their families by wearing their work clothing into the home.

It’sMyBag’s dual compartment design solves this problem. It provides front-liners with a way to separately store their clean clothing and work clothing within their work lockers. “It’s like a traveling closet,” Nurse Tonia explains. “It keeps your soiled clothing and your clean clothing separate and organized. That protects them from spreading the coronavirus to others.”

Front-line providers can wear their clean work clothes to work, storing a second set of clean clothes inside their It’sMyBag. They can hang It’sMyBag in their locker. After work they can change into their second set of clean clothes while storing their soiled clothing in a separate compartment inside It’sMyBag. Once home, they can safely remove their isolated work clothes for cleaning. They can then disinfect It’sMyBag for reuse.

Donate It’sMyBag To Front-liners
New York Life Representatives Alex Bujacich and Shawn Swift joined together and bought a case of It’sMyBag for nurses at Northwell Hospital in Manhasset, New York. Long Island postal workers bought It’sMyBag for a front-liner at NUMC Hospital in East Meadow NY. Nurse Maggie McGovern working at Nassau Community College and her daughter, who is also a nurse at LIJ/Northwell in Lake Success New York, were gifted It’sMyBag. Nurse McGovern then played it forward by buying It’sMyBag for other nurses.

Go to to buy It’sMyBag for your local community’s front-line providers.

Tonia’s availability is based on her nursing schedule. She will return calls ASAP.

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