New Book on Small Business Marketing from Kenyon Blunt

99 Marketing Mistakes (That You Can Avoid)" is aimed at small business owners who are tired of wasting money on ineffective marketing.

New Book on Small Business Marketing from Kenyon Blunt
Tulsa, OK, June 17, 2020 --( "99 Marketing Mistakes (That You Can Avoid)" is Kenyon Blunt’s newest book and it’s aimed at one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs – wastefulness in marketing. This book is important to small business owners because nothing can grow a business faster than marketing, but most owners shoot from the hip resulting in ineffective marketing and wasted dollars. Kenyon Blunt learned these mistakes the hard way by starting and running six small businesses. He says, “I think I made 98 of these mistakes myself.”

The book contains 99 chapters, each one describing a marketing mistake. The chapters are only a couple of pages long so each topic is presented in bite-sized chunks. David Meerman Scott, a noted marketing author who wrote the Foreword says:

“This isn’t an academic tome because Kenyon Blunt is one of us, an entrepreneur and business owner. He has started or run six small-to-medium-sized businesses and has a passion for marketing and entrepreneurship. He has marketed businesses to success. That’s why Kenyon is the perfect person to learn from.”

Jerry Montgomery, CEO of 5W Strategists echoes his comments, “This book is by far the best list of all the mistakes I’ve made. And, apparently, some that I’m making now.”

The publisher is Yorkshire Publishing of Tulsa, OK. It’s now available on Amazon. Electronic and audio versions will be out in the next few weeks.

Kenyon Blunt is a marketing coach, former CEO and author. His company, Kenyon Blunt, LLC is in Tulsa, OK. He provides individual coaching and facilitates Mastermind groups for small business owners.

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