John Manimas Recommends a Right to Integration

Write-in presidential candidate John Manimas presents his views on racism in America in a five-minute video, entitled JMCamp.pos02racism, on his YouTube channel "primacycinema."

John Manimas Recommends a Right to Integration
Schenectady, NY, June 23, 2020 --( Today, the John Manimas special write-in campaign for the office of President, which is designed to function as a referendum on the two-party system, declared the personal views of John Manimas on racism in America. Manimas made his declaration in a five-minute video with the designated file name: JMCamp.pos02racism posted on his YouTube channel primacycinema.

Manimas said: "The problem of racism in America is essentially a conflict between segregationists and integrationists. The segregationists have always had their way because they rely on violence and the threat of violence, and because the federal, state and municipal laws have actively supported segregation by law. Your grandfathers' segregation was not de facto segregation. It has been segregation de jure."

Manimas said that his positions on major national issues are his personal views, showing the voters how he thinks, but the only platform of action promised by the Real Democracy Party is elections reforms. Manimas said: "Americans vote on the incorrect belief that if they vote for a President who supports their views, then their views will be enacted into law. This is a big mistake. The voters need to vote for Legislators who support their views."

Manimas said: "The best solution to the problem of racism in America is to enact laws that define and enact a right to integration so that any neighborhood, homeowners association, workplace, school or any natural human group or organization can deliberately plan and implement a racially integrated environment. If white children have black friends and black children have white friends, no one will be able to tell them that the other group is their enemy or that different racial groups must be separated." Further details are presented in Manimas' short but challenging video.
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