55 Fitness Adds New Location Through Franchise Expansion

Fitness franchise opportunity opens first of several locations, all targeting ages 55 and older.

55 Fitness Adds New Location Through Franchise Expansion
Alpharetta, GA, July 09, 2020 --(PR.com)-- 55 Fitness, an upscale fitness boutique geared towards individuals who are 55 years and older, has just opened their first franchised location as part of a national franchise expansion.

The 55 Fitness company is owned and founded by Brendan Skeen who also owns Loved Ones Senior Care. The new location is in Alpharetta, Georgia at the intersection of Holcomb Bridge and Barnwell Road located in the Ellard Village Shopping Center.

Skeen’s mom, Donna Skeen, is the inspiration behind the concept and owns the Alpharetta location. “She had a cancer diagnosis in 2017. As part of her treatment she began receiving physical therapy regularly,” stated Skeen. “[The exercise] had an incredible impact on her overall physical health. Blood pressure, mobility, weight, overall physical health, and, most importantly, her cancer all improved.”

Skeen asserts the need for gyms focused on the demographic. “The baby boomer generation was the first generation to really embrace fitness as an essential part of their everyday life, not only to extend life, but also to improve their quality of life. The fitness center industry has largely overlooked this population and hasn’t taken into account that both the U.S. and international markets have a huge need for this.”

The innovative 55 Fitness approach has a heavy focus on community connection and helping mature adults feel welcome in a non-intimidating environment. “I first had the idea working in home health care. Doctors were pushing our clients for more cardio and more exercise, but there was resistance because they were uncomfortable with existing fitness centers.” Skeen points out that older individuals are turned off by the atmosphere of big box gyms due to the age and fitness differences. “It’s sometimes referred to as ‘gymtimidation’, and in multiple polls of mature adults it ranks as the #1 reason individuals don’t work out. They want to work out with people who are in the same stage of life as they are.”

Besides the cardio machines and circuit training found in a typical gym setting, 55 Fitness stands out due to its focus on giving its members a place to belong. “They want somewhere to share their experience with friends, old and new. Mature adults, especially retirees, want to socialize,” stated Skeen. “Our member lounge takes up the entire front 1/3 of the fitness center where we offer comfortable seating and healthy refreshments.”

The star of the equipment found at 55 Fitness is the bioDensity machine, a non-pharmaceutical treatment for bone density and muscle strength. “This is a miracle machine. It combats osteoporosis, can reverse type-2 diabetes, increases strength, improves mobility... it has tons of benefits and, all in, only takes 20 to 30 minutes per week. It almost sounds too good to be true, but this is the rare case when the incredible claims are reality that’s backed up by widely accepted science and independent research.”

55 Fitness is also the first gym in North America to offer members the Advagym by Sony system. “We are excited to offer our members the Advagym system that gives our members a virtual personal trainer in their smartphone.” The Advagym system is integrated throughout the gym and allows users to access predesigned workouts, design their own workouts, video instruction on specific exercises, and track their progress.

Memberships are $55 a month and include the use of circuit training, member app, Advagym the member lounge, and much more. Interested individuals can call (770) 676-9211, stop by the location at 8470 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite 100, Alpharetta, or visit the website at 55Fitness.com.

The company is seeking franchisees who share in the same passion for helping baby boomers and senior citizens feel comfortable while getting fit. For more information on the franchise opportunity with 55 Fitness, visit their website at 55franchise.com.

55 Fitness is a revolutionary concept that focuses on the senior adult, aged 55 and older. They offer active adults a fitness center option which allows them to stay fit and be comfortable in the company of their peers. For more information on 55 Fitness and how they keep their facility clean and safe, visit their website at 55Fitness.com.
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