A New and Unique Perspective Into the Contemporary Art Psyche: Modern Glitch Artist Golareh Safarian Joins Saatchi Art

A haunting nostalgia for classic fine art styles like impressionism, expressionism and surrealism meets digital disruption, pixilation, photorealism and graffiti in Golareh’s visual poems, available now at Saatchi Art.

A New and Unique Perspective Into the Contemporary Art Psyche: Modern Glitch Artist Golareh Safarian Joins Saatchi Art
Pasadena, CA, July 23, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Mixing oil and acrylic with glitch art and digital photography, Golareh's unique, modern pieces offer a perspective into the contemporary art psyche; a place where the haunting nostalgia for classic genres like impressionism, expressionism, and surrealism, coexist with digital disruption, pixelation, photorealism, and graffiti.

Golareh's visual poems tell stories of innocence and corruption, hope and despair, dreams and reality, often creating a dance between the optimist, the pessimist, and the realist.

Not one to be shy about color, she's also unafraid to explore the emotional grip of monochromatic compositions. Most of her recent paintings are mixed mediums combining digital glitch photography with oil and acrylic impasto brushwork.

Golareh categorizes her art into different series and collections, each an exploration onto itself and (for the most part) separate in mood from the others. Currently, she has six collections: Glitch Paintings, a series of paintings capturing momentary moods and mixing mediums such as pixelation, glitch manipulation, digital photography, and physical impasto brush and knife work in oil and acrylic; Photo Art, a series of manipulated photos in a variety of genres including street art, travel and landscape, abstract, nature, and fantasy; Abstract or Is It?, a series of paintings playing on abstract imagery, deconstructed forms, disruptive glitching, and broken rules; Urban Art & Graffiti Glitch, a series of urban pieces commenting on current affairs and socio-political issues combining illustration, graphic design, graffiti, and glitch art; Fine Art, a series of pieces in a variety of figurative and abstract subjects, mostly using brushwork to tell the stories; and Whimsical Fantasy, a series of digital paintings, drawings, photographs, and illustrations showcasing whimsical fantasy characters and situations inspired by flora and fauna, intended mostly for the younger art collector.

Golareh is a multi-disciplined artist, a creative director, a published author, and a photographer. Her art training is self-taught, born from an insatiable need to document, express, and communicate beyond the limitations of language and words. Her pull towards the visual arts was also the result of having to break through cultural boundaries during her formative years, traveling from Iran to Spain, Canada, and the U.S.

Golareh joined Saatchi Art in July of 2020, making her paintings and photographs available for the first time through her online gallery https://www.saatchiart.com/golareh. For a complete overview of Golareh's bio and body of work, please visit her website https://www.golarehsafarian.com.
Golareh Safarian