K1 Cleaning Ottawa Keeps Businesses Clean During COVID-19

Stage 3 of COVID-19 is here and most workplaces are reopening. Despite this fact, almost half of Ontario workers don't feel safe about returning to work (Statistics Canada, 2020). Employers can reduce fear in employees by guaranteeing a sanitary work environment when entering the workplace. Ensure employees feel safe about going to work with K1 Cleaning, Ottawa's cleaning experts. The team at K1 will ensure that all germs and bacteria are removed from workplaces before employees arrive.

K1 Cleaning Ottawa Keeps Businesses Clean During COVID-19
Ottawa, Canada, August 11, 2020 --(PR.com)-- After many months of being inside and isolated, the province of Ontario's stage 3 protocol for COVID-19 has allowed several businesses to reopen. Although physical distancing, regular hand washing and public health and safety measures continue to be in place, many employees feel unsafe about going back to work while the virus remains prevalent. Nearly 4 in 10 workers do not feel safe about returning to their regular workplace. In fact, 46% of workers in Ontario do not feel secure about returning to work (Statistics Canada, 2020).

With almost half of Ontario's workers not wanting to go back to work due to safety concerns, it becomes the employer's responsibility to ensure that workers are healthy and safe. With a lot of fear in the air about returning to work, employers must give employees peace of mind by providing a clean and sanitized workplace for them every day.

Throughout the pandemic, the government of Canada released a summary of assumptions stating that COVID-19 viruses can last on surfaces for several hours. It has been detected on copper for up to four hours, on cardboard for up to 24 hours, and on plastic and stainless steel for up to two to three days (Public Health Agency, 2020). To remove the virus from workplace surfaces, companies must hire cleaning experts trained to sanitize all types of materials. Employers can show employees that they care about workers' health and safety, and overcome their fears about returning to work with K1 Cleaning Ottawa.

At K1 Cleaning Ottawa, all employees consistently provide expert services to all clients. Routine commercial cleaning services ensure that businesses in Ottawa are kept clean and sanitary so that the fear of employees returning to work can be lessened. All clients can select the frequency of cleaning appointments to suit their businesses' needs.

If a company is looking for more than routine commercial cleaning, K1 Cleaning Ottawa also offers a wide variety of cleaning services. From move-in to move-out cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, commercial window cleaning and odour and mold removal and more, the experts at K1 cleaning will leave businesses looking clean and sanitary, allowing employees to feel safe and secure.

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K1 Cleaning Ottawa is a Canadian company that services the Ottawa area. The cleaning company specializes in commercial and residential cleaning services for clients in Ottawa. K1 Cleaning also offers emergency cleaning services for flood, water, fire and smoke damage. The company prides itself on providing expert services that leave surfaces clean and materials looking brand new. Contact K1 Cleaning today for a free estimate.

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