The Virtual Scavenger Hunt of Local Leesburg

The Virtual Scavenger Hunt of Local Leesburg, hosted by Nova Virtual Tours, is a chance for the Leesburg Community to show their support of Local Leesburg Establishments, play a fun game using the latest 3D Virtual Technology and hunt down awesome prizes at each virtual location.

The Virtual Scavenger Hunt of Local Leesburg
Leesburg, VA, August 11, 2020 --( Nova Virtual Tours has been providing the Northern Virginia area with professional Virtual Tours, Still & Aerial Photography and Videography services for over 21 years. As a locally-owned family business, they appreciate the value and importance of supporting locally owned establishments. That is why they designed the Virtual Scavenger Hunt of Local Leesburg. Their goal is to use their 3D Virtual Tour services to support other locally owned establishments in a fun and unique way.

The Virtual Scavenger Hunt of Local Leesburg uses the most current 3D Virtual Technology to create interactive tours of several participating locally owned establishments. More specifically, the technology will allow participants to walk through these establishments virtually and embark on a journey of discovery.

The object of the Scavenger Hunt is to seek and find a hidden prize within each establishment, all while getting familiar with each business and all that it has to offer. The prizes will consist of discounts, special offers, or free gifts. Each prize is carefully selected by the participating establishments themselves.

The Virtual Hunt will provide a uniquely innovative way to engage the local community and increase traffic and awareness for participating businesses during these tough times. The ultimate goal is to encourage the community to #SupportLocalLeesburg!

How to Participate as an Individual

1. Sign up and Register for the Virtual Scavenger Hunt of Local Leesburg. The cost of registration is $29.99 – Not only are you guaranteed to get this amount (plus some) back in prizes, but all proceeds go directly to supporting participating local establishments.

With every registration, you will get:

-Instructions and access to the Virtual Scavenger Hunt Portal
-A custom T-Shirt
-A custom can cooler
-A custom drawstring bag
-A bottle of hand sanitizer

2. Be Entered to Win a $100 Gift Card when you share the event on social media. Be sure to tag @NovaVirtualTours, and use the hashtag #SupportLocalLeesburg.

3. Explore and Hunt down your prizes when the event goes live on September 4. Navigate through each virtual location and uncover a prize from each establishment.

4. Cash In Your Prizes – Use your winnings at each Local Leesburg Establishment and continue to show your support of your Local Community by safely visiting in person, purchasing gift cards, and encouraging others to #SupportLocalLeesburg

How To Participate as a Local Establishment

If you are a locally owned business located in Leesburg, Virginia, you may qualify to participate in this event. Here’s how it works:

1. Nova Virtual Tours scans your local establishment and creates an interactive 3D Virtual Tour of your business location.

2. They add information throughout your Virtual Tour about what makes your business unique, along with your Hidden Prize.

3. Participants play the Virtual Game when it goes live on September 4. They get to explore your establishment, learn about your products, services, and offerings, and hunt down your prize.

Contact Nova Virtual Tours to learn more and get involved.
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