ActualConversion Launches New MAD Module That for the First Time Makes It Easy for SMBs to Connect the Impact of Offline to Online Activities

Montreal, Canada, August 13, 2020 --( ActualConversion launches the new MAD (Managed Activities Dashboard) module for SMBs. The new release makes it easy for SMBs to log and track "offline" activities such as events, 3rd part press releases, awards and articles, and then overlay them to all "online" activities - Social media posts, keywords, emails, etc. - giving the user the ability to see the combined impact to the business.

“Offline activities absolutely impact online activities for a business, this is a known fact, but is rarely easy to see,” said Adrian Pike - CEO and Co-founder of ActualConversion. “As an example, when you attend a physical event, it stands to reason that more people will search online for your company to learn more about you. This means that you will most likely see an increase in keyword search traffic to your website. With the new MAD Module, you will be able to see the offline activities overlaid to the online ones to see where spikes happen, most companies find this really hard to visualize.”

“The real value becomes apparent when you can see beyond business cards / meetings at the event itself, but also the long tail impact of people actually engaging with your brand online because of the offline activity,” continues Pike.

Access to the MAD module is available from today within the SaaS platform and can be accessed via their website or contact the team vial email:

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