AmpLIFEi International(TM) Launches "Travopoly" the Premier Member-Only Booking Engine for the Benefit of VIP Members

Robert Oblon Fulfills Promise to AmpLIFEi(TM) VIP members adding the first VIP Lifestyle service -

AmpLIFEi International(TM) Launches "Travopoly" the Premier Member-Only Booking Engine for the Benefit of VIP Members
Greenwood, IN, August 26, 2020 --( Robert Oblon, CEO & Founder of AmpLIFEi(TM), says, "We are thrilled to finally launch this website and bring it to the public's attention. We have been looking forward to this for a long time, as this is our latest effort to help our CommUNITY make their dream trips possible. With our members still acclimating to the New Normal, we have priced the memberships at a price that is almost too good to be true. Travopoly features several sections filled with useful resources and current information on how to safely travel during the current pandemic. We hope that our VIP members will find these resources useful and take advantage of the opportunities we have to offer."

Travopoly brings the best value on all things travel. While all destinations and vacation trips are different, with experiences and memories that are unique to every visitor, the only thing that all travel destinations have in common is the elevated costs that are associated. AmpLIFEi(TM) seeks to alleviate these costs, offering their VIP members exclusive deals that make journeys to some of the most popular global destinations much more affordable. In most cases, they can even be considered beyond reasonably priced.

Oblon further shares, "Travopoly helps our AmpLIFEi(TM) VIP members find their desired destination and plan their vacations while saving up to 80%. By choosing Travopoly to plan and book their vacations, they can rest assured that they are getting the best prices, with no booking fees or hidden costs. Travopoly strives to meet every person's expectations."

The Travopoly travel platform also allows AmpLIFEi(TM) VIP members to share their benefits with relatives and acquaintances, allowing even more people to save money in their travels and offering rewards that come in a variety of forms.

President of AmpLIFEi(TM), Laura Harte says, "Adding Travopoly for our VIP members, allows us to deliver a first-class VIP member experience in their travels. As a single mom, I know how important it has been for me to get the best value for my kids when we travel. With Travopoly, members will not just get a great price; they will get the best value!" She adds, "The savings that AmpLIFEi(TM) offers our VIP members through the Travopoly portal are not limited to flights alone. Our VIP Members can also help save a significant amount of money on world-renowned hotels as well as rental cars, cruises, and restaurants, adding even more to the overall savings of their vacations. We offer special deals and prices when you become an AmpLIFEi(TM) VIP member."

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Headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana, AmpLIFEi International(TM) was founded in 2020 by Robert Oblon, who serves both companies as Chief Executive Officer. AmpLIFEi International is a lifestyle company. For more information about AmpLIFEi International, visit the Company's website at

Travopoly™ ( a premier membership travel commUNITY dedicated to providing our VIP members the best travel experience available through our uncompromising VIP service, expert advice, and incredible savings. The mission of Travopoly is to make it as seamless as possible for our VIP members to see their travel bucket lists come true. AmpLIFEi International is a health and wellness lifestyle company with exclusive marketing rights for HAPInss Brand's products serving freelance entrepreneurs. These two Companies combined give customers and freelance entrepreneurs more options to improve their lives across the board.
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