BizPappa Introduces Mobile Website Solution for Restaurant Owners Struggling During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Seattle, WA, September 25, 2020 --( BizPappa is here to provide technical solutions to restaurants struggling during COVID-19 and beyond. By leveraging cloud infrastructure, BizPappa is building mobile-optimized website landing pages for restaurants, from which customers can view menu items, learn more about the restaurants, participate in surveys, and share with their social media networks.

According to a study by MGH, 77% of diners visit a restaurant’s website before they dine in or order out from the establishment. Of that group, nearly 70% have been discouraged from visiting the restaurant because of the website alone.

“Due to an increase in technical fluency amongst young adults and a pressing need for COVID-friendly exchanges, there is an emerging need for restaurants to design their own websites. Virtual menus encourage cleaner customer experiences.” -according to Seattle-based marketing specialist Aleksey Weyman.

The BizPappa service offerings for restaurants:

- Free Electronic Gift Cards
- Virtual Landing Page Menus
- Single-Use Physical Menu Templates

The BizPappa team brings various backgrounds of experience to their service solutions. They’ve identified that there are several benefits to mobile friendly websites for restaurants, including marketing incentives to encourage social media sharing, and geo-local content that engages customers. The BizPappa team took several months to identify the specific needs of restaurants. The most pressing concerns were that of cleanliness and lack of digital, user experience.

Shan Sundaram is one of the co-founders and CEO of BizPappa. Him and his team at BizPappa are creating mobile websites, electronic gift card and single use menu templates for restaurants, and offering them flexibility to design the sites however owners see fit. There’s no admin work on the restaurant's behalf, nor cloud infrastructure costs, BizPappa includes these costs. More information about BizPappa services can be found here.
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Aleks Weyman