STEM Entrepreneur Dr. Malcolm Adams Wars Against SocioEconomic Inequality

Peoria, IL, September 18, 2020 --( STEM entrepreneur Dr. Malcolm Adams is changing lives for minorities by waging war on socioeconomic inequality – even to the point of running for election for a seat in the GA State House of Representatives. He is an economist, educator, and entrepreneur who is committed to economic development at hand and at large. With his expertise, Dr. Adams has shown that an economy can improve with growth methods that have proven to achieve sustainable development goals consistently. He holds certifications in Systems Engineering, Finance, Business & IT Strategy Alignment, and an Honorary Doctorate. The trajectory of his life follows economics as he is a member of the International Association for Energy Economics and the Chairman of the Banking & Finance Committee of the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Adams proves time and time again his knowledge of the economy and how it negatively and positively, affects the community. Currently his focus is on the development of Peoria and Joliet, Illinois. Peoria is the third fastest shrinking city in the U.S. With minorities suffering at high rates, he understands the need to strengthen black businesses by incorporating growth acceleration techniques such as smart funding, technical assistance and strategies to scale in perpetuity. He perceives the importance of growth can only continue when one is connected which is where we find him collaborating with the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Rapid Ratings, Northpoint Development, City of Peoria, LinkedIn, Greater Peoria Economic Development Council and ICC to name a few.

If that is not enough to speak on the prowess of Mr. Adams and his zeal to see change in the economy of minorities then consider his current projects such as: The Fair Access to Credit Initiative, Peoria Revitalization and SDGs, CDFIs In Action, and Adams Career Academy. He is an educator at heart, and it is proven time after time that he not only wants to give but to equip the community - teach a man to fish and he will eat forever.

Dr. Malcolm Adams motives and deeds don't go unnoticed. He will be recognized as one of the Top 100 Global Leaders in Finance by the Global Conference on Insurance & Finance taking place December 15 - December 17, 2020. You can expect much more from Mr. Adams as he will not be letting up until change takes place.
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Krystle Coleman