Independent Computer Consulting Group (ICCG) Signs Up as Platinum Partner for JASCI Software

Partnership to Manage Warehouse & Supply-Chain Operations, to Help Its Customers Make Smarter, Faster and Better Informed Decisions.

Independent Computer Consulting Group (ICCG) Signs Up as Platinum Partner for JASCI Software
Warminster, PA, October 03, 2020 --( Independent Computer Consulting Group (“ICCG”) has been appointed as Platinum Partner by JASCI Software. JASCI Software is a supply chain acceleration warehouse management software created to meet the needs of omni-channel logistics via the cloud. The strategic partnership is expected to strengthen the ability of both companies to execute their value add and growth strategies.

ICCG is an enterprise software focused consulting firm with a global presence and a track record of more than 2,000 business and digital transformation project executions across ERP, Supply Chain Planning and Execution Systems, Warehouse Management Solutions, Product Life Cycle Management Solutions and Customer Relationship Management solutions deployments.

JASCI’s Cloud Warehouse Management SaaS platform offers a suite of solutions that fit a multitude of operations. Those include Warehouse Management, Warehouse Execution, Warehouse Control Systems, Robotic Execution, Yard Management, Labor Management, 3PL Management, Parcel & Freight Shipping, and more. This is all powered by JASCI’s patented cutting-edge SmartTask workflows technology, which enables unmatched configurability, speedy implementations, and limitless growth for its clients.

“ICCG and JASCI Software have established credible market positions with their consulting capabilities and a proven solution for the Distribution side of the business. ICCG has credentials having supported ERP, Supply Chain and Warehouse Management Solutions implementations for many large Retailers and Consumer Goods companies globally. JASCI Software has created a next generation technology platform and solution to help businesses optimize their warehouse operations in order to serve customers on time. We at JASCI Software look to this strategic partnership to increase our market penetration into clients served by ICCG and also leverage their domain expertise and experience implementing world class Warehouse Management solutions for their customers,” said Craig Wilensky, Co-Founder and CEO of JASCI Software.

“We are happy to partner with JASCI Software, the emerging leader in the Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Execution systems space,” said Balachandran Anantharama, Senior Vice President for ICCG. “This partnership extends our consulting expertise and experience to support our customers’ needs around their warehouse operations. It will allow us for enhanced implementation and ongoing customer success particularly as we address our customers in the Fashion, Food & Beverages, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Distribution verticals where warehouse operations is mission critical on both customer experience side and supplier collaboration side.”

“JASCI Software is a game changer in the Warehouse Management Solutions space with the cutting edge technology and being completely available on multi-tenant Cloud,” said Shiv Kaushik, Founder & CEO for ICCG. “We believe for our customers where we support their ERP, Supply Chain and Warehouse Management systems, it is so critical to ensure that we provide a complete and next generation Warehouse Management System to supplement the best-in-class industry CloudSuites we promote from Infor. This is a critical expectation as well from our customers and prospective clients who clearly see their distribution side of their business being transformed today at the highest rate post COVID and hence needing a very efficient warehouse management system to support their end to end warehouse operations. It has direct impact on revenue and growth.”

About JASCI Software

JASCI Software boasts a recognized team of industry leaders helping your company implement warehouse management technology to stay ahead of the competition. JASCI has built a new class of supply-chain acceleration software from the ground-up, tailored to meet the needs of omni-channel logistics via the cloud. The JASCI platform is highly scalable, offering new user experiences and new capabilities to truly compete in today's markets, without months and years of high implementation costs and customized software. With JASCI, it's easy to manage your warehouse & supply-chain operations, see the information you care about in one place and use it to make smarter, faster and better‑informed decisions. JASCI is a flexible multi-tenant, multi-company and multi-lingual platform that can be easily configured and customized with our Smart Task Engine, to eliminate those costly, unwanted modifications.


About Independent Computer Consulting Group

Independent Computer Consulting Group (ICCG) is a Global Business and Technology Solutions Provider for the Enterprise. For the last 32 years, ICCG has been providing innovative information technology solutions, always with an eye on the changing market and technological horizon. ICCG offers complete application and IT infrastructure services and support to meet key business needs and long-time global customers continue to rely on ICCG to satisfy their diverse and growing business needs.

Our Partnership with JASCI Software

Business critical applications and processes demand proven, battle-tested solutions. That’s why we work with our leading, best-of-breed partner, JASCI Software. Our relationship as a Platinum Business Partner, protects your investment and helps ensure seamless continuity across technologies and software generations. This partnership is strategic and a priority towards our goal of best serving our customers’ needs. ICCG is dedicated to helping customers bridge their gap between Warehouse Management solutions and business challenges in Manufacturing and Distribution business’s warehouse operations, which is so important to deliver your customers the right product, at the right time in the right quantity and quality and to deliver greater value from their technology investments. By specializing in the Retail & Fashion, Food & Beverage, and Manufacturing industries, ICCG has developed extraordinarily deep industry knowledge and are experts in mapping technology to your industry’s needs. Combined with technology and application expertise, ICCG is uniquely qualified to accelerate results to have a very efficient Warehouse Operations for your businesses.

We have earned our reputation for high performance and flexibility because we have a disciplined approach, stress honesty and integrity, and always put the needs of our customers first. Our motto is to “Do the right things,” and those are not just words; they are what we do every day to help our customers reach their goals. And help them take their businesses to great heights.

ICCG, Inc. is certified as a women’s business enterprise through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US.

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