New Book for Teens and Parents, "What They Don't Teach Teens," Protects Families from 21st-Century Dangers

New book "What They Don't Teach Teens" provides teens and parents with modern safety tips to protect against modern dangers, such as sexting, cyberbulling, revenge porn, mass shootings and more.

New Book for Teens and Parents, "What They Don't Teach Teens," Protects Families from 21st-Century Dangers
Fresno, CA, October 07, 2020 --( Youth safety advocate Jonathan Cristall gives teens and their parents an up-to-date safety manual for modern adolescence in the new book "What They Don't Teach Teens: Life Safety Skills for Teens and the Adults Who Care for Them" (Quill Driver Books, publication date October 6, 2020).

The 21st century presents dangers to teens that no previous generation ever faced: sexting, cyberbullying, revenge porn, mass shootings and frightening -sometimes fatal - police interactions. "What They Don't Teach Teens" presents proven strategies to keep tweens, teens and young adults safe and out of trouble, based on hard-won, real-world knowledge.

As a teenager, Jonathan Cristall engaged in dangerous and self-destructive behaviors and personally knows how easy it is for teens to make bad choices. As an adult, Cristall is a veteran prosecutor for the city of Los Angeles and a sexual violence prevention instructor who works extensively with at-risk youth, teaches youth safety workshops and knows the pitfalls that confront today's teens.

"What They Don't Teach Teens" covers three of parents' greatest concerns about their teens: physical safety, relationship safety and online safety.

Written in a warm, conversational and comforting style, "What They Don't Teach Teens" educates and empowers young people by teaching how to handle oneself in difficult situations. Offering much more than just theoretical advice, each chapter of "What They Don't Teach Teens" presents "What would you do if it happened to you" exercises and quizzes to help teens rehearse and put into action what they have learned.

It can be a dangerous world out there, and "What They Don't Teach Teens" gives readers potentially life-saving tips on staying physically safe, including extensive advice on maintaining situational awareness (don't bury your face in your phone), how to size up people and situations and basic first aid (in an emergency, you might be the only first responder for yourself or others). Chapters on safer interactions with the police show teens how to stay calm if stopped by the police and how to respectfully assert their rights to not consent to searches and questioning.

"What They Don't Teach Teens" also gives vital information on how to best survive extreme situations: what to do during a mass shooting, an armed robbery (give up any of your stuff to stay safe), even kidnapping attempts (fight, scream and do anything you have to do, but don't let your assailant take you).

Sexual activity can be a minefield for young people, and "What They Don't Teach Teens" provides comprehensive yet easy-to-implement advice on staying safe from sexual assault, sexual harassment, online sextortion and dating violence - dangers that affect girls and boys. With compassion and sensitivity, Cristall gives essential advice on how to ask for affirmative consent in sexual encounters, how to set sexual boundaries, how to best defend oneself against sexual predators and how to spot the warning signs of an abusive relationship. Most important, "What They Don't Teach Teens" affirms the self-worth of young people struggling to survive abuse and harassment and offers advice on finding help from someone they can trust.

The digital world presents hazards that are novel to both young people and their parents. "What They Don't Teach Teens" gives readers the essentials of the crucial modern skill of maintaining and protecting one's digital reputation. Cristall also presents a 17-step plan to safeguard digital privacy. Additional chapters educate readers on how to guard against unlawful sexting, revenge porn and cyberbullying.

Comprehensive and eye-opening, "What They Don't Teach Teens" is a must-read for all young people and their families.

More about Jonathan Cristall:
Jonathan Cristall is a veteran prosecutor with the Los Angeles City Attorney's office and a certified sexual violence prevention instructor with the nonprofit Peace Over Violence. Cristall frequently speaks to high school audiences on personal safety. Cristall lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three sons.

Book Details:
Title: What They Don't Teach Teens: Life Safety Skills for Teens and the Adults Who Care for Them
Author: Jonathan Cristall
Publisher: Quill Driver Books, an imprint of Linden Publishing
Publication Date: October 6, 2020
Price: $19.95 US
Category: Young Adult Nonfiction / Health & Daily Living / Safety
ISBN 978-1-61035-358-8
6" x 9" trade paperback, 360 pages, illustrations, bibliography, index. Also available in e-book formats.

Available from bookstores, online booksellers and Quill Driver Books (1-800-345-4447,
Linden Publishing
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