QURE® Water Unveils #TeamQURE Ambassadors to Mark 10th Anniversary

QURE® Water marks 10th anniversary celebrating the inspiring stories of #TeamQURE - a group of unique and robust individuals who take on the excitement and challenges in all kinds of terrain by action and by heart!

QURE® Water Unveils #TeamQURE Ambassadors to Mark 10th Anniversary
Los Angeles, CA, October 13, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Alkaline bottled water brand QURE® launches 10 new ambassadors as the company celebrates its 10th year in the healthy beverage industry.

Inspiring athletes from running, baseball, and soccer sports make up the roster called the Team QURE®, which is short for Thriving, Empowered, Ambitious, and Motivated ambassadors of QURE® Water.

“More than the personalities, we want to showcase the inspiring stories of these athletes who raised above the challenges and adversity to reach their goals. Our brand has always espoused an active, balanced, and happy life and we find it more timely now to share something positive given the socio-economic climate of the world at the moment,” explains QURE® CEO and President Thomas Ventura.

Marathon runners Julie Weiss and Nathan Imhoff, who have previously made the media rounds with their remarkable stories, made it to Team QURE’s 10, which also includes other marathon runners Roosevelt Cook, Lisa Amstutz, Chris Spells, Jill Zor, Krystle McGovney and Kristin Burke.

Soccer player Cameron Vickers and baseball player Cody Ponce are also part of the brand’s team of ambassadors, whose stories are aimed not just to inspire but also lead communities to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

Team QURE’s stories can be read on www.qurealkalinewater.com/team-qure/ and QURE® Water’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

About QURE® Water

QURE® is simply: Silky smooth tasting premium alkaline water uniquely infused with traces of naturally-occurring ionic alkaline minerals and electrolytes with a powerful high pH of 10 that can counterbalance acidity! Founded in 2010, it is the flagship brand owned and managed by QURE® Beverages, a Southern California based company that also produces other functional beverage brands and wellness products. Conceived with the simple notion that natural is better, QURE® Beverages believe that an active lifestyle, proper hydration and natural nutrition are the fundamental pillars to good health, happiness, and balanced life. To know more about QURE® Water, visit: www.QUREwater.com

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We Are TeamQURE

We Are TeamQURE

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