Family-Owned, American-Made: Brown Dog Hosiery Co.’s Exclusive Collections of Superior Socks Proudly Embody Our Nation’s Spirit and Ingenuity

To Brown Dog Hosiery Co., traditions are a throwback to when things were actually made in the United States. The Southern US is rich in textile heritage. Today the area’s textile industry is vastly different than it was a generation ago. Brown Dog is committed to continuing this textile tradition, to employ those in the community, invest in state-of-the-art equipment, and prove a U.S. hosiery company can thrive and compete with anyone in the world.

Family-Owned, American-Made: Brown Dog Hosiery Co.’s Exclusive Collections of Superior Socks Proudly Embody Our Nation’s Spirit and Ingenuity
Burlington, NC, October 15, 2020 --( Dedicated to Manufacturing Here at Home, Brown Dog Hosiery Co. Inspires the Values and Traditions That Have Always Made America a Beacon of Hope.

“Made in the U.S.A.” It’s a slogan that drives a sense of trust and familiarity. It evokes our nation’s rugged individualism and proud support for homemade products crafted by local businesses; the engine that fuels our economy.

Within those sentiments lies hard numbers. In a 2012 study by management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group[1], 80% of Americans surveyed revealed they would pay more for goods made in the United States and 85% felt American-made products have superior quality.

Born and bred in the great state of North Carolina, Brown Dog Hosiery Co., a Wilson Brown, Inc. brand, is family-owned and operated and their collections of premium, casual dress socks and accessories are manufactured right here at home, on our own soil.

At the Crossroads of Quality, Comfort, and Style

Featuring a dozen distinct and unique collections, for both men and women, Brown Dog Hosiery Co.’s socks are crafted for a superior fit and unmatched comfort, with original designs and patterns that are both timeless and fashion-forward.

From their Fishing and Hunting collections, featuring colorful and intricate wildlife motifs that are perfect for the avid outdoorsman or woman, to their Patriotic and Collegiate collections combining American pride with a stylish and modern twist, all of Brown Dog Hosiery Co.’s socks are made from ring-spun, combed cotton grown in the southeast United States and knitted by expert, local technicians. From start-to-finish, their cotton manufacturing supply chain totals less than 130 miles across North Carolina.

Simply put, at Brown Dog Hosiery Co., “Made in the U.S.A.” is weaved into the heart and soul of the brand.

“Sporting Traditions” That Last a Lifetime

Brown Dog Hosiery Co. is a family affair, with founder Callum Brown at the helm. “Sporting Traditions” is at the core of why they love what they do. It means immersing yourself in the great outdoors with family and friends. From warm, summer days fishing on the lake to duck hunts right after the holidays, the memories we make when we’re one with nature are timeless treasures we cherish close to our hearts.

But, traditions are what you make of them. And, they are different for all of us. Whether it’s Sunday family dinners, tossing the football around in the backyard, or family road trips, traditions are the cornerstone of what brings loved ones together.

Brown Dog Hosiery Co., believes in a simpler time. A time when families worked, lived, and played, side-by-side. A time when we worked with our hands and what we produced was American-made, American-strong.

Committed to continuing and strengthening the rich traditions of North Carolina’s vibrant textile industry, Brown Dog Hosiery Co. is a thriving, homegrown brand with superior quality products. And, their spirit and dedication to create the finest products from the finest materials is a testament to patriotic words of Harry Truman that, “America was built on courage, imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”

[1] “Study: Consumers Prefer ‘Made in the U.S.A.’” – Inc. usa.html
Brown Dog Hosiery Co.
Ashleigh Brown
Callum Brown, President
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