Oklahoma-based PDR Testing & Certification LLC Named U.S. Exclusive Provider of Vale Training’s Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Certification Program Today

Anita Dill, president of woman-owned PDR Testing and Certification LLC of Harrah, Oklahoma, said she is excited that great progress has been made this week that will soon benefit vehicle owners and autobody shops.

Oklahoma-based PDR Testing & Certification LLC Named U.S. Exclusive Provider of Vale Training’s Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Certification Program Today
Oklahoma City, OK, October 15, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Anita Dill, president of PDR Testing and Certification LLC of Harrah, Oklahoma, said today is a big day for vehicle owners, certified autobody technicians and for increasing business in Oklahoma.

“Our company is now the exclusive U.S. testing and certification services provider of the highly prized Vale Training’s PDR Certification Program,” Dill said. “We’re excited because Vale Training (https://valetrainingsolutions.com) is the only PDR Certification Program endorsed by the National Association of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians (NAPDRT). Vale Training is now a Sedgwick company (https://www.sedgwick.com/).

“Vale’s PDR Certification Program was created by Vale at the request of the PDR industry. This certification will go a long way in preventing PDR-related auto insurance fraud and potential safety problems by technicians who aren’t certified.”

She said many people will recognize that after a major hail storm, “uncertified PDR technicians will often travel to hail damaged communities from out of state” and set up tents offering PDR work, but many create structural damage to a vehicle by performing what’s known in the industry as “hole drilling” – where holes are drilled into a vehicle to provide swift access to the vehicle’s dents.

“You’re not supposed to drill holes into panels, glue joints back together or Swiss cheese a bumper,” Dill said. “Some have cut off hail-damaged roofs to get access and then work to make it look sweet, but roofs should be welded back on. Hole drilling is not safe or structurally sound and it is prohibited by insurance companies.

“These fly-by-night PDR technicians still use hole drilling as a standard practice. Unaware vehicle owners who use uncertified technicians learn the hard way that these types of technicians can also crack your paint’s clear coat and this creates rust spots that can appear weeks or months later. Hole drilling can cause way more damage and expense than the original hail damage caused.

“We’re working to unify the PDR industry, create positive change and our PDR certification ensures that certified technicians know how to make repairs that don’t cause major repair costs later down the line.”

As a former career Boeing senior test engineer who worked on the F-22 raptor and other key U.S. military aircraft, Dill deeply understands the importance of structural integrity and safety. Her background also includes research, IT technical services and 3D imaging.

She said PDR is the only segment of the auto repair industry in the nation that does not have a mandated national certification standard, but Vale’s PDR certification testing process offers an independent, objective and hands-on demonstration certification measuring a PDR technician’s skill. PDR Testing & Certification LLC is strictly dedicated to testing and certifying PDR technicians and does not sell tools, nor are there any annual fees once a technician is certified.

“We’re moving forward in the PDR industry, and we’ve invested in the latest 3D measurement system,” Dill said. “We can measure dent removal in terms of microns at 1/1000th of a millimeter. The system provides unheard precision and ensures objectivity and accuracy. It is also used by the majority of the largest automobile manufacturers and by top auto-parts and automotive-paint manufacturers.

“We are determined to expand Vale PDR certification testing across the U.S. To help certify groups of four or more independent technicians we will mobilize our testing services and go to them. We also offer a new benefit, not only for the technicians but also for autobody shops, insurance companies and the general public. For each certified technician we provide a new PDR certification ID card featuring a QR code that confirms the PDR technician’s skill level to do a quality repair. It will help to set the standard in the industry.”

She said all PDR tools needed for testing are provided by the testing facility. The technician can test for all certification levels in the same test session. Technicians from anywhere in the U.S. or from around the world can fly in and out of Oklahoma the same day and be certified.

“For technicians who would like to drive in and stay over during certification,” Dill said. “Our company has partnered with the Grand Casino Hotel & Resort in Shawnee, Oklahoma, to provide special rates.”

Uncertified technicians, either independents or employees of autobody shops, are welcome to book a testing slot directly on the new PDR Testing and Certification website: https://pdrtesting.com.

To get more information go the website or call them in Oklahoma at (405) 317-0711 or toll-free at (844) 222-2201.
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Paintless Dent Repair practiced by uncertified PDR techs includes "Hole Drilling" – a procedure prohibited by insurance companies that weakens the manufacturer's safety design and causes structural damage.



This illustration features numerous Paintless Dent Repairs considered substandard. Vehicle owners should always hire a Vale Certified PDR technician.



Former career Boeing senior test engineer, Anita Dill, president of Oklahoma-based PDR Testing and Certification, creating dent on automobile hood for PDR technician testing and certification process.



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PDR Testing & Certification President Anita K. Dill operating new Optimap2 3D Scanner used for Paintless Dent Repair technician Testing & Certification