alright Rolls Out CBD and CBG Pre-Roll Joints

The alright brand specializes in smokable hemp products. It offers premium and top shelf hemp in the form of CBD pre-rolls, CBG pre-rolls, CBD buds, CBG buds and hemp smokes. Offering everything from smokes to joints to a lb. of hemp flower, pick your strain and enjoy a smooth and flavorful experience.

alright Rolls Out CBD and CBG Pre-Roll Joints
Farmington, MN, October 22, 2020 --( alright brand is excited to announce the roll-out of its latest products.

The company was founded in 2019 in Farmington, MN with the vision of bringing high-quality smokable products to a nationwide audience. When industrial hemp was made federally legal by way of the 2018 Farm Bill, farmers, retailers and brands began to explore uses of the plant. Products of all types have hit the market since, with smokable products finding a healthy niche among new users and connoisseurs alike.

alright has catapulted to the top of the CBD pre roll game due to the founding team's rich professional backgrounds in cannabis cultivation, agricultural trade, retail operations and digital marketing. The company home-bases out of a 44,000 sq. ft. greenhouse facility in Farmington, MN where they cultivate premium and top shelf hemp flower to bring to their customers.

Most recently, the brand launched it's CBD pre-rolls, CBG pre-rolls, CBD bud and CBG bud to meet the growing demands of consumers locally and nationwide.

CBD and CBG are cannabinoids in a hemp plant. Marijuana plants, while similar, are different. Marijuana plants have high levels of psycho-active THC and are federally banned. Hemp plants have only trace amounts of THC with high amounts of CBD or CBG and are federally legal.

"We're seeing customers from all walks of life," said co-founder Richard Brama. "It's incredible how many people are interested in smokable hemp. Regardless of age, region, whatever, we're seeing interest. For the most part, interest is in two groups. One group has tried marijuana in their past, and while they enjoyed most of their experience, they felt a sense of paranoia that was too much. The second group are people who are looking to add a more natural product to their ongoing smoking routine. In both cases, they are finding smokable hemp to be a great product."

alright grows their product in a greenhouse, ensuring the plants benefit from natural sunlight while also giving the cultivators the ability to protect the plants of undesirable affects like some pests and extreme weather.

Flavor to savor

alright's CBD pre-rolls are cultivated by long-time growers. Only the best flower makes its way into CBD pre-rolls that they pack. Research has shown CBD to potentially have a myriad of effects for users. By preserving the terpenes in CBD pre-rolls, alright CBD pre-rolls offer richer draws full of flavor.

Caring cultivation

alright's CBD flower is 100% grown and processed in the USA with no pesticides and contains only trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%, as allowed under federal law).

Their greenhouse cultivation method ensures alright RELAX CBD flower is the best available in the market, grown with natural sunlight while being protected from pests and other harmful environmental factors. Each CBD pre-roll weighs in at 0.5g with 7 joints to a pack. This puts 1/8th of an ounce of top shelf CBD right in your pocket. Stored in an easy to use and child protective pack, ensuring only those of age enjoy these products.

About alright:
alright is a smokable hemp business that specializes in high quality hemp flower. The business has operated out of Farmington, MN since 2019 and sells its products online and to a variety of retail locations. Contact alright at for wholesale inquiries. Contact for PR inquiries.
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