Action Plus Bail Bonds is Here to Help You Take the Next Step After Bail Release

"We don’t just get you out, we get you help." Action Plus Bail Bonds introduces post release services.

Action Plus Bail Bonds is Here to Help You Take the Next Step After Bail Release
Clearwater, FL, December 10, 2020 --( Being arrested can be a wake-up call for many and release on bail can be the first step in a new life journey. Everyone deserves a chance to make better choices that benefit the community as well as the individual. Action Plus Bail Bonds is the Tampa Bay area’s trusted community partner with connections to a network of providers offering services that increase the defendant’s chances of staying out of jail and starting on the right path to a better life. Participation in these programs can demonstrate to the courts that the individual is being proactive in the recovery process.

Action Plus Bail Bonds’ owner, Frank Kopczynski, has decades of experience. Prior to establishing the firm in 1988, he was a hospital administrator and the vice president of managed facilities of two national companies that helped failing hospitals get back on their feet. Frank is certified in Mental Health First Aid, and has been a guest lecturer at Eckerd College, and various social and civic groups discussing bail and other issues related to the criminal justice system. Frank says, “Many people on the road to becoming habitual offenders have no idea these programs exist. By helping them find the resource that match their individual needs, we are contributing to breaking the cycle of recidivism. That doesn’t just benefit the offender. It benefits the offender’s family and loved ones as well as the whole community. It’s a great feeling to know you kick started that change.”

Action Plus Bail Bonds offers these additional services as part of a deep commitment to the community. Often, bail bonds companies simply collect their fee and the defendant returns to their existing way of life until the trial date. Action Plus Bail Bonds wants defendants released on bail to know that they are not alone and they do not have to continue the vicious cycle of crime, drugs, mental illness, or any other negative life pattern. Learn more, or request an appointment at

Summary of Offered Services

Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Action Plus Bail Bonds can guide you to Inpatient or Outpatient mental health and substance abuse programs, drug testing, withdrawal management, alcohol monitoring, anger management, batterer’s intervention or other related programs.

Online Services
Many services are available online to address trauma, stress, addiction, depression and more.

Other Services
Life skills, women’s intervention and sex offenders, LGBTQ and Veteran’s services are also available.

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