Surface Protection International Reveals Its New DoorWrap Door Protection for Builders

A new innovative door protection product designed to protect both sides of doors during the building process is hitting the market. Manufactured specifically for reducing damage from dents and scratches, this product will protect doors during all phases of construction.

Surface Protection International Reveals Its New DoorWrap Door Protection for Builders
Farmington Hills, MI, February 17, 2021 --( Surface Protection International has a simple solution for protecting doors from damage during the construction process. This door protection product is a lifesaver for the building industry and remodeling industry.

DoorWrap is the new product and it will reduce door damage and help keep your doors free of scratches, dents and nicks. Many builders have suffered the experience of ruining someone's new or existing door during a remodeling or building project.

This new product will save the door and save the builder time and money. Surface Protection International is a manufacturer of surface protection for the building industry. They manufacture these products for door companies, builders, contractors, the building industry and the remodeling industry.

Surface Protection International is no stranger to the surface protection business. They manufacture a full line of products designed to keep the construction site safe, clean and damage free.

Their latest surface protection product, DoorWrap door protection, comes in an easy to install size that simply unfolds and slides onto the door protecting both sides during construction. The best thing about DoorWrap door protection is it is made of a material that is strong enough to protect against contractors tools and equipment smashing into the door as they enter and exit.

Started as the solution for the damages that were being inflicted upon fixtures and surfaces during the construction phase, founders Ray and Shannon Blake started Surface Protection International in 2009. Surface Protection International's new surface protection product DoorWrap is now being distributed worldwide by building contractors, door companies, and building supply companies.

Keeping new or existing doors damage free is their priority. Since studies show 50% of doors are damaged during construction, this was the perfect solution to this headache.

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