Sugaring: The Green Juice of Hair Removal

Sneak into a hidden oasis in Roslyn, New York. Reminiscent of an old movie set tucked away on the Golden Coast, Sugared Beauty bar awaits you.

Sugaring: The Green Juice of Hair Removal
Roslyn, NY, March 01, 2021 --( Looking for organic solutions that keep your skin silky smooth? Try sugaring, the green juice of hair removal that will keep your skin forever saying “thank you.” Sweet like sugar, a hidden oasis for self-care and harmony awaits. Explore the village of Roslyn - a little town that feels like a historical movie set. Tucked away behind the most delicious ice cream shop, Yolo Yogurt, you can follow the steps down to find a pocket of sunshine - Sugared Beauty Bar.

Serenity, the founder of Sugared Beauty Bar, was inspired by the history of sugaring, an ancient technique dating back to Egypt in the 1800s. Sugaring removes hair from the root, with a swift flick of the wrist in the same direction of your hair growth. The birth of the #SugaTribe was curated when Serenity saw the need for clean beauty discussions in the hair removal business. A conscious choice consumers can make knowing they are reducing their carbon print while feeling sexy and confident in their skin. A place where all bodies can feel safe, accepted, and beautiful: Sugared Beauty Bar.

The mission is not only to emphasize beauty, but overall holistic health. Feeding the body and spirit with mindful practices, while indulging in the small luxuries life has to offer. A self-love station bringing together a community of people from all walks of life.

As Black History Month comes to an end, and International Women’s Day rapidly approaches, Serenity and the Sugared Beauty Bar team are raising awareness on the importance of health and self-care, in celebration of all women. Honoring inclusivity, equity and love with the world..

Lean into holistic self-love practices, clean beauty, and women empowerment, at or email us directly at

Welcome to the Suga Tribe.

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