Stress Test Scailer, Your Progressive, Contact-Based Email Client, and Get a Free Year of Use

Scailer, a free, encrypted, contact-based email program for Windows and Mac, offers a free year’s use to users who will beta test its productivity tool for three weeks.

Stress Test Scailer, Your Progressive, Contact-Based Email Client, and Get a Free Year of Use
Flemington, NJ, March 10, 2021 --( Scailer, the fast and comfortable email desktop application, announced today that it wants freelancers or small business owners to download and test its software for free – with no enrollment obligation at the end of the trial.

Scailer’s unique approach to email handling gives users more effective tools to organize and manage communication, and learn more about customer or prospects.

“This is not a freemium come-on; it really is free because we want savvy users to battle-test our cross-platform, contact-based email solution,” says Scailer co-founder Dmitry Andrushkevich. “All we ask is that users work with Scailer for at least three weeks and provide feedback.”

Scailer’s patent-pending software includes an unprecedented encryption that provides the highest levels of email security and virus protection. It integrates with most email providers -- Outlook, Gmail and any others using IMAP or SMTP.

The company plans to market the software next year to small businesses.

There is no cloud or third-party server storage with Scailer. Email messages, addresses and passwords are stored on your computer and encrypted with a protected, machine-dependent key.

Even if someone were to copy your database, they couldn’t use another program – or even another instance of Scailer – to read it.

Like most interfaces that are new to us, you’ll need to work with Scailer a few times to appreciate its effectiveness.

For example, Scailer doesn’t use folders like the legacy email clients. Instead, it links related contacts and threads, so you won’t struggle for context when discussing a topic with a customer.

In fact, Scailer users learn more about customers and prospects quickly because Scailer ethically searches for information about contacts – profiles, social media sites, etc. – and produces a 360-degree view.

Your inbox stays clean and focused because Scailer keeps out the junk, including the emails from a site where you once bought something.

Scailer stores advertisements and promotional emails in a list called Robots. It’s there if you want to look, but it doesn’t get in the way of daily business.

“As a startup ourselves, we wanted to create a product that helps small businesses and freelancers – the graphic designers, copywriters, web designers, photographers, translators and so many more – work directly and fast with your contacts as you do in WhatsApp," Dmitry says.

"You don’t need to think about folders or search your Inbox," he says. "When you select a contact, you will be able to follow all questions or issues and make sure they have been addressed.”

Download Scailer and work smarter.
Tom Opdyke