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William B. Harris Jr. of Hloyal Management and PR Expands Company with Continued Growth

The small business owner is now the president of a growing corporation; Sharing tips on dealing with struggles while hustling to build Hloyal Management and PR

William B. Harris Jr. of Hloyal Management and PR Expands Company with Continued Growth
Houston, TX, April 14, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Being in business for 9 years now hasn't been a cakewalk but William B. Harris Jr. just had to make it work each step of the way. Initially starting as a spontaneous decision to start Hloyal Management and PR in Austin, TX, in 2012, William filed the starting DBA. Today, he is a growing and influential voice in the fashion, film, music industry, even becoming a recognized casting director and brand strategist. "Truthfully, I have been worked out of my shoes sometimes or gone a few days with little to no sleep," says William. "Also effecting my mental health having to wear so many hats to keep things afloat; also having to find solutions for others can be taxing. But with faith, with an unyielding mindset, I am making it happen."

"Now after grinding and getting lucky and utilizing my outside the box thinking, I built the resume, portfolio with credible brands, publications, and relationships in every facet of the business. Trust me there were those times and individuals who would still doubt or try to use my abilities and work me tired and broke. I remember working out of an apartment complex laundry room but still paying to have a client album distributed," he says. "So I had to put my foot down and reflect, believe in my value, worth and now I have taken my management and public relations firm to the corporate level."

Hloyal Management and PR is launching an in-house media publication known as Top Hip Hop Alerts Magazine. Building brands such as Dream Loud Apparel and helping expand the revolutionary system called SpinStatz also help build the company media outlet magazine. The Company has set their goal of becoming an IPO by the end of the year. The 31-year-old entrepreneur has accomplished some remarkable feats, creating a company portfolio consisting of music collaborations distributed featuring NBA Damien Lillard, legendary music acts such Bone Thugs N Harmony and top 40 artist, Yellow Bezzy. Music distribution is not all. Fashion designers Danny Nguyen, Adrian Alicea, Nicholas Nguyen have all benefited and flourished. Not even COVID-19 could get in the way of the expansion. Having no choice but to succeed and continuously invest, even while sleeping and living in his car the majority of 2020, deadlines and revenue was still a priority and he was doing it with style. HLoyal Management and PR now also offers 401k / retirement plans to staff. Trying to give artists more than just something to fall back on and at the same time educate them on their value. With past and present clients like Jules Palton, Ts Madison, Model, and junior Olympian Garren Chillis, this company's success rate is high, and the future is even brighter. Next up is the exciting release of Top Hip Hop Alerts Magazine’s latest issue featuring Chyna Doll.

"Always remain faithful in yourself like I did. Also remain unyielding in the pursuit of your goals. Be mindful of self-worth and the value of your work. I own my voice, and when someone told me 'no' or just wanted to doubt me, I used it as fuel and motivation."
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