Accorin Releases Updated B2B-Focused Adobe Commerce Extensions in Time for Adobe Summit 2021

Accorin Releases Updated B2B-Focused Adobe Commerce Extensions in Time for Adobe Summit 2021
Boston, MA, April 22, 2021 --( Accorin is pleased to announce a set of recently updated B2B-focused extensions for Adobe Commerce just in time for Adobe Summit 2021. These extensions support the framework of Self-Service B2B e-commerce which Accorin designs, builds, and manages on behalf of its B2B clients.

Now more than ever it’s vital for B2B merchants to provide their business buyers with an e-commerce experience that is truly self-service. Accorin has built five extensions that help merchants who have already adopted the great out-of-the-box B2B features of Adobe Commerce 2.4 to provide their business buyers with even more self-service. Accorin provides its extensions to its clients free of charge under an open-source license. Accorin will license its extensions to other parties on a case-by-case basis. Here are the extensions that have been recently updated:

Shared Requisition Lists: This extension builds on the out-of-the-box requisition list functionality by integrating it with the company structure of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source 2 and allowing for sharing of approved requisition lists. Key features include:

Centrally create and edit Requisition Lists to be used by employees throughout the company.

Company OR Personal Requisition Lists can be used.

Multiple B2B Company Requisition Lists can be shared within the company.

Requisition Lists can be shared with everybody in the company, or a just a subset of employees.

Key Self-Service Benefit: Multiple buyers within the same organization can share and utilize requisition lists to ensure purchasing policies are followed and accurate. Complex organizations can help themselves organize their buying behavior and reduce interaction time with your customer service reps and sales reps.

Company Address Book: This handy extension provides the address book functionality with additional capabilities so that it can be used with Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source B2B company structure. How?

Centrally create and edit an address book for a company (i.e. different locations/stores)

Control access to address books within company hierarchy to control shipments

Integrates with Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source company hierarchy

Key Self-Service Benefit: This extension allows merchants to set up customer companies with controls that ensure that specific shipping addresses are used by specific users within the company structure; it also controls shipments and prevents users from shipping to unauthorized addresses.

Previously Purchased Products: Provides B2B customers with a handy view of product-level details related to previous orders. Specifically, this extension provides:

More granular order detail than Core “view orders”

Logged in customers with the ability to easily view all previously purchased products

Logged in customers with the ability to reorder previously purchased products

Key Self-Service Benefit: This extension enables customers to easily find products that they’ve purchased in the past regardless of which orders they are associated with. This saves time with customer service, sales, and account reps on your team.

These B2B-focused extensions also pair nicely with two other administrative extensions that site managers will love: The Integrator and One View. The Integrator is an Enterprise Application Integration tool built just for Magento 2. This extension makes it easy to connect Adobe Commerce to external systems so that orders, product data, inventory, customer and shipment data can move back and forth smoothly. The Integrator also makes it easy for Adobe Commerce Site Administrators to manage integration interfaces right from its own Adobe Commerce Admin panel.

The OneView module supports customer self-service by unifying all of a customer’s Orders, Shipments, Invoices, and Returns. Regardless of whether your customers placed the original order in Adobe Commerce, a legacy system or over the phone into your ERP, you are able to give your customers a way to see and interact with their information through their Adobe Commerce login. OneView is also a great solution for migrating historic orders into Adobe Commerce quickly and cost effectively.

About Accorin
Accorin is a sponsor of Adobe Summit 2021. Accorin is a full service E-commerce agency and a certified Adobe Solution partner based out of Boston but working with B2C and B2B clients across North America. Over the last decade Accorin has completed numerous complex Magento-focused E-commerce engagements for startups and enterprises alike. Accorin’s largest clients are conducting hundreds of millions of dollars of business on Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. With its deep expertise in Magento, Magento extensions, many popular 3rd party software vendors that integrate with Magento, and complex integrations with business systems, the Accorin team is well-equipped to handle the more complex E-commerce applications using Adobe Commerce powered by Magento and Magento Open Source.

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