This Successful Meditation App Aims to Make 100 Million People Experience More Peace

The successful Dutch meditation app "Meditation Moments" is being rolled out internationally. Michael Pilarczyk, CEO: "We have proven to be incredibly successful in the Netherlands, so we can now enter the international market, especially the United States. The launch of the international version of our app is an important step towards achieving our mission: to let 100 million people experience a daily moment of peace."

This Successful Meditation App Aims to Make 100 Million People Experience More Peace
Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 26, 2021 --( Meditation Moments is the largest meditation app in the Netherlands and has now gotten 400,000 people to meditate. The app is known for meditations for every moment of the day and the uniquely composed music, which allows people to experience a meditation moment in just a few minutes. The international version of the app was officially launched in January 2021 and is becoming more and more popular in the United States with over 30.000+ users.

International ambitions
Meditation Moments is for anyone who wants to take a moment to relax on a regular basis. "We live in hectic times where people are busier than ever. Recent times in particular have been intense. For many people, the corona crisis is causing anxiety, sadness or even anger. Meditation is a way to not get too carried away in such emotions, but to stay mentally stable and healthy. And there is really no hocus-pocus involved here. Anyone can meditate. All you need is a few minutes of your time," said Michael Pilarczyk, CEO of Meditation Moments.

Meditation Moments
Meditation Moments contains 100+ meditations for adults and children, for beginners and advanced practitioners. So you don't need to have any experience with meditation. The app is designed in such a way that it is accessible for everyone to take a moment of rest. The meditations are available in versions of 5, 15 or 20 minutes and suitable for different times of the day, for example to relax at stressful moments or to end the day with. The meditations and music tracks, including binaural beats and sound healing, have a positive effect on the relaxation of body and mind.

Anyone who wants to contribute to this mission can try the Meditation Moments app for free for 10 days at
Meditation Moments
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