ChoozeHire CEO Kishore Pallapothu Works Towards Closing the Skill Shortage Gap in IT and Eradicating Poverty

Kishore Pallapothu is a well-known figure in the US. He is a tech-guru, an entrepreneur, an investor and a philanthropist. Having won several awards, he is a figure who is recognised across the US for his work in “Invest In Yourself.”

Cupertino, CA, June 17, 2021 --( Kishore Pallapothu is a name that is synonymous with numerous disciplines. Hailing from India, he came to the US to pursue further studies in Computer Science. After graduating from A&M University in Texas, he worked for several years in many different blue-chip companies like Oracle, HP, etc.

After his stint with these Fortune 500 companies, he became an angel investor for many IT start-ups, all of which became successful. He also formed several companies and is currently the founder CEO of Chooze Hire, an automated HR platform that boasts an impressive clientele. The popularity of this HR software program refuses to diminish. Most corporates and organisations swear by its effectiveness and many other companies are on the verge of implementing the same.

But Kishore Pallapothu still found something missing for he had seen first-hand how talented youth was working for low wages at IT companies. The lack of skills and the inability to obtain them because of financial constraints was preventing them from applying to high-paying technical jobs. Consequently, both the IT sector was suffering a skill shortage and the youth were living in poverty along with their families.

The need to do something about it resulted in Kishore Pallapothu volunteering for West Valley Community Services. This community service runs several programs wherein they provide temporary and permanent homes to the homeless. They also run a pantry where these people can go over on specified days of the week to get food supplies free and provide other support services as required.

Even when actively involved in such philanthropic activities, he was not happy. He understood that this was just a means of helping temporarily. He wanted to annihilate poverty using permanent means. With this thought process, he created SkillWiki, a non-profit organisation involved in the free reskilling and up-skilling of low-wage earners of the IT sector. After participants acquire the required skills, Kishore Pallapothu uses his connections to help them get high-paying jobs in the IT sector. This career enhancement program has been aptly named “Invest In Yourself” and he has even received the ASA Elevate Award for the same in the year 2019.

To date, Kishore has trained and provided gainful employment to about 800 youths and more. Such is the effectiveness of this program that it has gained national coverage in the US. He is respected and recognised across the US of A for the exemplary service he is currently providing in enabling low-wage earning youth to further their careers.

Kishore Pallapothu stays in Cupertino and works hard to alleviate poverty by volunteering sincerely and dedicatedly at the West Valley Community Services and through SkillWiki, a non-profit organisation conceptualised by him. He is also the founder and CEO of Chooze Hire, an HR platform that has revolutionised the way HR is currently perceived.

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