Pepex Biomedical Receives Approval on a Series of Critical New Patents

Worldwide approval grants the Company exclusivity on a number of methods and manufacturing processes associated with its novel electrochemical biosensors.

Atlanta, GA, July 01, 2021 --( Pepex Biomedical, Inc. (the “Company”), a leading developer of enzymatic biosensor technology, recently received approval on a series of patents granting the Company exclusivity on a number of methods and manufacturing processes for its novel electrochemical biosensors. The newly allowed intellectual property allows Pepex to integrate 3 electrode sensors into a single 29-gauge needle.

The 150-micron PEEK (polyetheretherketone) fiber electrodes, which are thinner than human hairs, produce superior accuracy and significantly less variability than is currently available in any product on the market today. Furthermore, this revolutionary achievement ensures Pepex global exclusivity regarding its proprietary printing processes to deliver biosensors as small and accurate as those the Company will produce.

“Even though there are no at-home meters capable of producing a true blood glucose reading - only a lab test can do that – the breakthrough technology represented by our most recent worldwide patent award provides us the unique capability to analyze samples ‘in tissue’ which essentially eliminates any potential systemic dysfunction,” said Paul Danner, Chief Executive Officer of Pepex Biomedical. “The most capable systems available today only produce measurement results that are within +/- 20% of lab results, which the FDA considers sufficiently accurate. With our latest technology, we expect to reduce that variance to nearly zero,” he added.

Beyond blood glucose, Pepex plans to employ its proprietary Aerosol Jet Printing (AJP) manufacturing methodology to apply newly developed chemistry capable of detecting the COVID-19 antigen and antibody. The Company’s "in tissue" biosensor is a critical component of the previously announced project to commercialize four test products designed to provide safe, accurate measurement results within minutes. These highly cost-effective devices do not require any additional diagnostic equipment or laboratory assistance to produce rapid, reliable results, and each provides a totally self-administered alternative to all of the other systems currently available to consumers.

About Pepex Biomedical, Inc.

Pepex Biomedical ( has an extensive portfolio of over 300 global patents that protect proprietary manufacturing processes and unique biosensor designs for a broad base of applications including COVID-19, Sepsis, HIV, Ebola, Hepatitis, Lactate, Blood Sugar, and other life-altering biomarkers. Pepex Biomedical’s mission is to become the leading technology source, prime supplier, and marketer of enzymatic and immunological biosensors for consumer medical devices and hospital diagnostic use.

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