Doctor Combats COVID-19 Pandemic Misinformation, Offering Reassurance and Life-Saving Strategies

Many people are finding it hard post-pandemic to go back to their normal lives. Misinformation and sensationalized news have heightened anxieties surrounding COVID-19. Navigating the pandemic and vaccine era has been confusing and divisive. Dr. Dominic Gaziano seeks to ease readers’ minds with his easy-to-read guide, “A Doctor’s Guide from Pandemic to New Normal,” which explains COVID-19, vaccine development, and general self-care practices in a no-nonsense, approachable manner.

Doctor Combats COVID-19 Pandemic Misinformation, Offering Reassurance and Life-Saving Strategies
Charleston, SC, August 03, 2021 --( It’s year two of COVID-19 and in many ways the stress and uncertainty have never gone away. Today COVID cases are climbing yet again in vulnerable, unvaccinated areas across the US. As fall and winter approaches, and we go indoors, states are bracing for a new surge of cases. People in the U.S. still stress about the virus, a situation only made worse by countless social media conspiracy theories, pseudo-science and exaggerated news headlines.

Witnessing the anxiety and confusion COVID-19 caused his own patients, Dominic Gaziano M.D. set out to create a definitive guide for anyone feeling overwhelmed and under-informed. “A Doctor’s Guide from Pandemic to New Normal: COVID Prevention, Vaccines, and Stress Relief” is the result of those efforts. In it, he covers the reasons why the COVID-19 vaccination is beneficial, how to handle COVID stress, how herd immunity works and the practical ways we can all learn to embrace a COVID-prevention lifestyle.

A Kindle edition of “A Doctor’s Guide from Pandemic to New Normal” was released on July 5, 2021, and is available on Amazon, distributed by Bublish, Inc. A print version of the book will be available by the end of July, 2021.

About the Author
Dominic Gaziano, M.D. or Dr. G., as his patients call him, is an independent primary care doctor and public healthcare advocate. As director of Body and Mind Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, he advocates for his diverse community of inner city patients while bridging the gap between Holistic and Western medicines. His holistic approach to wellness has led him to author multiple practical guides for the public, dispelling medical myths and promoting research-based therapeutic strategies.

Beyond his practice, Dr. G. is a national public speaker, regularly giving lectures, seminars and retreats focused on helping attendees create greater resiliency and manage stress. His goal is to educate the public on the impact stress has on wellness. He has authored three other books, “Feel Good Health,” a seasonal wellness guide, “Well Now!,” a comprehensive strategy to self-health and “A Doctor’s Cure For Medical Myths: 50 Teaspoons of Truth to Remedy Medical Misinformation.”

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