Portsmouth Business Owner Gets in the Trenches Amidst Pandemic

Portsmouth, NH-based Bio-Tech Company's CEO Matthew Airey gets into the trenches of outside sales representatives amidst pandemic. With sales down nearly 50% due to offices still not opened, half or remote work environments, the company CEO jumps in to help the sales force find customers who are committed to the environment, reducing foreign oil use and lowering their companies costs.

Portsmouth Business Owner Gets in the Trenches Amidst Pandemic
Portsmouth, NH, October 04, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Environment First Printing, headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, leads the way with Bio-Based Printing. The company brought to market a toner for desktop printers that reduces foreign oil by using soybean oil to power the printer instead of petroleum. These toners fit into most desktop printers and often cost 15-20% less than box store toner and inks.

In 2019, the company inked it’s best year yet with sales reps in each market and end users aplenty. Like so many other B2B companies, EFP counts on offices to be “in office” to utilize their product and service. Company CEO, Matthew Airey remembers the first month of the pandemic vividly, “At first we all thought, ok, we are going home, not going into an office for a while, his won’t last long...we will be back to it in a matter of weeks.” The Portsmouth-based biotech company did not see that return. As a matter of fact, they still haven’t; with the bio-based toner and ink manufacturer showing a reduction in sales of nearly 50% and end users still not fully back in the office.

“We have been so blessed to be embraced by the greenest and most sustainably conscious companies in the world, and a solid percentage of those are academia...Colleges, Universities, Private Schools, and K-12 make up 27% of the companies bottom-line. They still haven't come back full-time yet,” Airey said. With drastic changes in the landscape like so many other mid-cap companies, the playbook had to change to adapt to the shift.

Plans had to change from working “on” the business to working “in” the business. Airey explained how he made drastic changes in his own life to forcibly revive the sales numbers, even himself jumping back into the role of outside sales representative. “My schedule for the last year and a half has been intense. I find myself working 100 hour weeks, computer on my lap, and cell phone constantly ringing,” Airey said. “I am a full-time single father of my two young children (Taylor – 9 and William – 6) they see the work I’m putting in and I think they get to see grit, grind and commitment. This business has been a big blessing to our family, our team here at EFP, and so many end users across the world, Failure is not an option. Our normal customers may not be fully open yet, but some businesses are... And we will find them and offer them our eco-conscious option.”

Airey goes on to say he has joined the outside sales rep lifestyle by attending trade shows, accepting unpaid speaking roles, calling old friends and colleagues to engage them in new ideas and even cold calling end users. “Getting up at 3am most days I’m able to make the kids school lunches, go over household responsibilities, and go over my daily punch list. If I have everything neatly organized I can make cold calls right after the kids are dropped off at school, routinely communicate with sales reps, and get this company back to where it was,” Airey said.

Airey goes on to add he knows one day that the companies that once utilized his toners monthly will be back “in office” but he has no idea when that will be. With people, businesses and environmental pressures counting on EFP, the future looks bright as long as Airey is at the helm leading by example. “I think at the end of the day you realize your best option for success is you. If you can move the needle, help your sales team, and lead from the front... You will get through the storms. I watched my father go into Boston each morning as a rubbish collector, saw him sacrifice his life and time to give me a better childhood. That type of effort and attitude is what made this country so great. I just want to be able to pass that baton onto my children.”

Environment First Printing has sales representation in Unites States and Europe. With capabilities to ship overnight anywhere in the World. It’s bio-based toner saves nearly 3 liters of petroleum each unit. Made in America, Supported by American farmers, and embraced by Carbon Conscious businesses everywhere.

The company has an informative website at www.environmentfirstprinting.com and encourages all parties that have a laser or desktop printer to go and connect. The company has customers from Fortune 500 to local Tap Houses. They have a commitment to save oil, no matter how big or small the client.

For more information on how to print without oil, write into EFP online, or contact customer service at info@environmentfirstprinting.com or 888-351-5285 for more information.
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