The Weed (420) Token Presale Starts November 7

Starting with a 90% liquidity lock for 420 years, Weed (420) will bring a truly decentralized DeFi ecosystem to the cannabis community and internet as a whole.

San Francisco, CA, November 06, 2021 --( Starting with a 90% liquidity lock for 420 years, Weed Token (420),, will bring a truly decentralized DeFi ecosystem to the marijuana community and Internet as a whole. A group of software engineers and marketers who love crypto and cannabis have come together to start a new project.

Their mission to build a complete DeFi ecosystem built on cannabis concepts with Weed (420) Token, Dealer (Swap Platform), Dispensary (Merchant Platform) and Grow Op (NFT Farm), at the heart of it.

According to the team, the sale will be conducted on PinkSale with 100% of the BNB getting locked for 420 years. This novel approach guarantees that the liquidity is not in danger of being withdrawn which will allow the users more peace of mind than other project structures. In total, 90% of the liquidity from the minted tokens is locked in the liquidity pool for 420 years and the remaining 10% are vested.

The banking industry is competing with cryptocurrency on many fronts, but not in the cannabis industry. In fact, marijuana related businesses often deal in cash because they are not able to gain banking services of any kind. Dealing in cash is unsafe and puts them at added risk of robberies and other crimes. Additionally, the cannabis industry doesn’t have access to savings and investments accounts.

Weed (420) Token aims to solve both of these problems with extremely fast payments as well as built in staking returns for all users. The staking is automated to further simplify the decentralized finance use case.

Although they are looking to establish a foothold starting with the marijuana community with the launch of the Weed (420) token, their ultimate mission is to provide simplified crypto payments and investments through a fully featured DeFi ecosystem.

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Michael Lochlin