Gay, Disabled Texas Man Files Federal Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Against Mortgage Giant LoanDepot & Its Founder/CEO Anthony Hsieh

LoanDepot, Inc. and its Founder/CEO Anthony Hsieh have been sued in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas by Trevor Dickens, a gay, disabled man, allegedly a former LoanDepot employee who was subjected to discrimination based on his disabilities and sexual orientation while employed at LoanDepot's Plano, Texas office.

Dallas, TX, November 22, 2021 --( Mortgage giant LoanDepot, Inc. and its founder and CEO Anthony Hsieh were sued last week in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas by a 29-year-old disabled, gay man, Trevor Dickens.

The complaint in this case alleges: Dickens was employed by LoanDepot from 2015 to 2017 and then from 2020 to 2021 in its Plano, Texas office's Call Center; during both periods of employment, Dickens claims that he was subjected to LoanDepot’s restrictive, unaccommodating corporate policies, that, among other things, permitted its Call Center employees to be away from their desks for only 10 minutes over the course of an entire workday.

It is further alleged: Dickens suffers from debilitating back, spinal and lumbar disabilities and, at times, needs a wheelchair to ambulate. Dickens' disabilities necessitate that he use the restroom to have frequent bowel movements; during his employment at LoanDepot, Dickens’ disabilities required him to use the restroom for periods of time that exceeded LoanDepot’s allotted 10 minutes per workday; despite repeated pleas from Dickens and his physicians, LoanDepot management refused to accommodate Dickens and instead subjected him to administrative punishment that was eventually used as pretext to force him to resign from LoanDepot.

In addition, the complaint alleges LoanDepot’s corporate policies caused Dickens to be subjected to anti-gay slurs and discrimination based on his sexual orientation which resulted in the creation of an intolerant and hostile work environment.

Mark Robinius, managing partner of the Dallas, Texas-based litigation firm, Robinius, Espinosa & Wietzel, LLP, represents Dickens and commented, “This is an egregious case of alleged intolerant and unaccommodating corporate behavior that has no place in the 21st century workplace.”
Robinius, Epsinosa & Wietzel
Gabe Reed