PharmStars Announces Fall 2022 Startup Showcase Event

PharmStars Announces Fall 2022 Startup Showcase Event
Boston, MA, November 08, 2022 --( PharmStars, the pharma-focused accelerator for digital health startups, announces that its Fall 2022 Showcase Event will begin on November 8, 2022. The Showcase is the culmination of a 10-week startup accelerator program. At the Showcase Event, startups will make formal presentations to and meet individually with PharmStars’ pharma members. All seven of PharmStars’ pharma members are participating in the Showcase Event. The theme of this cohort is “Innovations in Real-World Evidence.”

PharmStars focuses on bridging the "pharma-startup gap.” Its mission is to assist pharma and startups in overcoming cultural and other barriers to partnership, leading to greater success and faster adoption of digital solutions to improve patient outcomes. PharmStars’ education and mentoring program, PharmaU, teaches select cohorts of startups how to engage with pharma as clients and partners. Pharma members receive priority access to these startups.

PharmStars founder and CEO Naomi Fried says, “I am very proud of the progress our real-world evidence startups have made in refining their business models and in clearly articulating the value they can offer pharma. We are excited for them to share their learnings and their innovations with our pharma members.”

During the Showcase, the digital health startups and pharma members have the opportunity to meet privately to discuss potential partnership opportunities. “We have more than 60 one-on-one meeting scheduled between our pharma members and these startups,” says Fried.

The startups are eager to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the accelerator. One startup participant said, “Despite having collaborated with pharma companies for years, PharmaU was tremendously valuable to dive deeply into the structure, science, and business of drug development, and has reframed our outlook on where our startup can add value and have an impact.”

Another startup participant agreed, saying, “We were excited to join PharmStars to get a better understanding of who the decision makers are within pharma, but this exceeded our wildest expectations. The level of information shared around roles, motivations, and decision-making drivers of all the major stakeholders in a pharma company was not only more complex than we could have imagined-- but now feels totally digestible and understood by our team.”

As the Showcase approaches, the startups are eager to meet the pharma members. Said one startup CEO: “We get to present our solution to the digital health partnership teams in pharma companies that we have never interacted with before. PharmStars has provided warm introductions to these pharma companies. We are excited to meet them in person and to expedite doing a deal.”

The identities of the digital health startups will remain confidential until the conclusion of the media blackout period, which ends five weeks after the Showcase. At that time, the Fall 2022 cohort of startups will be revealed to the public.

Planning is underway for the Spring 2023 PharmStars program. Further details on timing and theme are forthcoming. PharmStars is also currently accepting pharma and biotech members for 2023. Information about future cohorts and pharma membership can be found on the PharmStars website.

About PharmStars
PharmStars is the only member-based, pharma-focused accelerator for digital health startups. Through our extensive expertise across pharma, startups, digital health, and innovation, we understand the challenges that pharma and startups face when seeking to collaborate. Our PharmaU program supports digital health startups and our pharma members in “bridging the pharma-startup gap,” leading to greater success and faster adoption of “beyond the molecule” solutions for patients.
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