Starlink for Mohave County Out of Beta Testing

Starlink beta testing has concluded and is now in full operation serving rural Mohave County users.

Starlink for Mohave County Out of Beta Testing
Kingman, AZ, January 12, 2022 --( Starlink by SpaceX is now out of beta testing. Close to one hundred Mohave County residents have been using Starlink internet services for several months during beta testing with great results. Starlink has announced that beta testing is complete and service is now being offered to rural subscribers on a first come first served basis. Do to the worldwide chip shortage equipment is in very limited supply and the wait can be quite long. Lynn Wood of Kingman has waited nearly 8 months to receive his equipment but said " The long wait was well worth it, this thing is fast" The next batch of user terminals are set to arrive in the next couple weeks for the Kingman area.

Local Starlink users report internet speeds test have been ranging from 50-250Mbps with 100Mbps a good average. Currently Data is unlimited and is expected to remain unlimited. There are currently more than 1,800 Starlink satellites in orbit right now. SpaceX deployed 49 more Starlink satellites in first launch of 2022. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket took off Thursday from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida and deployed 49 more Starlink internet satellites, blazing a new trail to orbit on the first of as many as seven space missions planned from Florida in January.

John Whitford installer and spokesman for Quickdraw Networks who installs Starlink systems in Mohave County says, "Starlink has changed rural internet for our customers. It smokes the other choices."

Valle Vista resident Steve Wood was recently installed by Quickdraw Networks and said, "I can now run my business from home, before Starlink it was impossible."

For more information on Starlink service and installations, please call Quickdraw Networks at 928-421-2800.
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John Whitford