Alpha Serve Joins Atlassian's Dual Licensing Program

Alpha Serve joins Atlassian's Dual licensing program to help users migrate to the Cloud effortlessly and avoid additional costs. Now customers using Alpha Serve’s Data Center or Server products can get a one-year subscription for free if they purchase the Cloud annual license with 1,000 users or more.

Alpha Serve Joins Atlassian's Dual Licensing Program
Mykolaiv, Ukraine, February 03, 2022 --( Atlassian is about to stop support for a number of its server products including Jira Software Server, Jira Core Server, Jira Service Desk Server, Confluence Server, Bitbucket Server, Crowd Server and Bamboo Server. However, migration to cloud can take a lot of time and cost a fortune. Atlassian does its best to allow its existing users to make a switch as effortlessly as possible. Recently, the company has announced its new program Dual licensing.

Now, when users purchase annual cloud subscriptions with 1,001 or more users, the company extends their existing server maintenance or Data Center subscriptions for up to one year at a 100% discount. Expired subscriptions are also eligible if they are no more than 30 days past their expiry date. A free subscription is granted only for the same tier as the cloud one. If it is not available on the Server or Data Center side, the next highest tier will be provided.

Thus, customers can avoid double costs, take a phased approach to a new platform migration, i. e. transit data, users, and apps in stages, rather than all at once, and run their self-managed and cloud products in parallel during the whole process.

As Alpha Serve has joined the program, all their apps fall under the same terms. All customers, who are going to purchase an annual Cloud license with 1,000+ users can receive Server or Data Center license free for 1 year. These terms apply to the following applications: Power BI Connector for Jira, Tableau Connector for Jira, BigQuery Connector for Jira, Smart Git Integration for Jira, Checklist and Mail Me.

“It is very important for Alpha Serve that our existing customers continue using our apps and make all possible efforts to help them with this. That’s why we decided to join Atlassian's Dual Licensing Program to help our Server apps users freely migrate to the Cloud. Data migration usually takes plenty of time and costs might be very high, and we believe that Atlassian's Dual Licensing program is the best solution to overcome these inconveniences,” — Anna Odrinskaya, CSO at Alpha Serve

Alpha Serve is a Ukrainian software development company and Atlassian Gold Marketplace Partner focusing on specialized apps for Atlassian tools like Jira and Confluence. Alpha Serve’s products help companies and users improve effectiveness or provide convenient integrations. They are scalable, secure, and available for users from all over the world.
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